Düsseldorf is the capital of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and is a town of Germany. The town straddles the river and most of the city lies on the banks of the river Rhine. The story dates the city to have been founded around 1135 as a fishing village. It is the richest city in Germany and a strong cultural, economic and administrative centre with great commercial activity in the port. The city may be full of skyscrapers, glass buildings and offices, but ideally combines the backdrop, providing a stylish, exceptionally clean town with green parks, cobbled streets, vertical gardens on facades of buildings, baroque churches, squares and attractions.


The Altstadt old town is the beautiful historic centre of Düsseldorf, full of cobbled streets and major attractions. Here is the Marktplatz with the amazing City Hall Rathaus, built in 1573 ad and the wonderful Basilica St. Lambertus of 13th century. In all collected Center art galleries, amazing Kunstsammlung Museum North Rhine-Westphalia, which is made of black glass, the finest traditional German restaurants, pubs, clubs and bars, making the area look like the greatest bar in the world. The old city is the most crowded area of the city, full of activities, turning it into a tourist attraction.

Telecommunications Tower is the tallest and impressive building in the city, with the height reaches 240,5 m. Its construction began in 1979 and currently hosts all the antennas of radio and television transmitters, but the biggest digital clock in the world. You can visit the Centre of the tower and enjoy the panoramic view of the city, as well as lunch on amazing restaurant, located in 174,5 measures and rotates 360 degrees every hour.

Media Harbor is the former industrial port, which has now turned into an amazing Marina and is surrounded by some of the most characteristic examples of buildings of modern architecture. There stands the imposing Rhine Tower, Rheinturn. The most remarkable buildings in the area, are the ones that seem to have a particular flair.


Mahn und Gedenkstatte: the Museum located in the old town and presents in detail the whole story of resistance and the execution of the inhabitants by the Nazis, the period 1933 and 1945.

Neanderthal Museum shows in detail all the evolution of the human species and lists various ancient, objects and materials, you will be able to touch.

Kunstsammlung NRW: the Museum hosted highly distinguished artists artwork, such as Warhol and Picasso.


The center of the city is relatively small and comfortable to meet walking or taking a walk with a bike. The public transport network of the city is surprisingly organized, with trams, buses, Metro and train, which covers the outermost areas of the city.


Düsseldorf has a lot of hotels in ideal areas with very good prices. Select depending on the area you would like to stay, your needs and the amount of money you would like to make. In the city you will find and hostel.


In Düsseldorf you will enjoy local famous Altbier fresh beer from the barrel. The city produced 1,800 different beers, while the city's trademark is the famous beer of the vague recipe. Several old factories have been converted into museums anymore and show the older ways of editing and production of the beloved German product. The old city lists at least 260 bar, club and restaurants. Kurze Ratinger and streets, you'll find cute bar with local bands, they prefer and locals.


In Düsseldorf you will taste traditional dishes, such as roast kitchen German beef marinated in vinegar, mussels from the Rhine, soup with peas, and the famous black pudding. Special taste and the Dusseldorfer Senfrostbraten, which is roast pork with mustard and rye with cheese sandwiches, Halve Hahn. Most restaurants are concentrated in the old town, but there are very beautiful outdoor restaurants in the area near the river.

Shopping Guide

In Düsseldorf you will find very nice shops and all the leading fashion designers in the area of Konigsalle. In the city you will find the best mustard at European level. Most city neighborhood, artistik is the Carlstadt, with shops full of antiques.


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