Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco, as well as the industrial and financial center of the country. Casablanca is the largest man-made port in the world and is the most fashionable and cosmopolitan city in Morocco. It is a city of contrasts with luxury villas and squalid slums, while it features renovated colonial buildings French architecture, varied shopping and interesting old town of Casablanca.

Historical Sights

The Mosque of King Hasan II is a stunning architectural achievement and the Casablanca landmark that was built in honor of King Hasan II. Located on a promontory overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and features a minaret 210 meters, which is the highest in the world. has a capacity of 100,000 believers in his yard.

The Old City is a maze of narrow streets and tall buildings dominated the dusty traditional element and the authentic culture of the locals. Most buildings of the old city were built in the 19th century and are residences, while in the eastern part of the district you can purchase everyday items listed among the narrow alleys.

Place Mohammed V, Casablanca's main square, surrounded by impressive office buildings and outdoor cafes. Here you can find the imposing old police headquarters with the clock tower and the nearby Palais de Justice, the Court of the Persian architectural influences.

Cathedrale du Sacre Coeur is a huge white church with European style and Moroccan influences, which impresses with its special aesthetics.


Villa des Arts Museum is the only Museum of modern art in Morocco and one of the best in Africa. Heritage point is central to the international projects and hosts Morocco and Moroccan art.

Museum Of Moroccan Judaism is a museum dedicated to the history of the Jews in Morocco with relatively novel nature and controversial presence because of his exist in an Arab country.


Move method reliably in Casablanca is a tram or take taxi. There is also the most economical solution of buses, but they are not always in good condition


In various regions of Casablanca there are a variety of hotels in great price range, covering every need and suit every traveller.


Visit the beach of Ain Diab or any of the city's hamams for moments of relaxation. The Casablanca also offers many options for nightlife with many bars, clubs, and good restaurants.


Casablanca offers flavors of Moroccan cuisine with many Spanish and French influences and extensive use of spices. During your visit in the city try the traditional pie mpistigia, charira soup, the dish with roasted goat or lamb metsoyi and green tea with Mint.

Shopping Guide

Visit the market in the old city of Casablanca and the enormous souk Derb Khalef neighborhood and obtained from traditional types and objects, to clothing and electronics. In and around Ain Diab is the Morocco Mall which is the second largest shopping centre in Africa. Finally, visit the European.


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