Cancun is a coastal city in southeastern Mexico, washed by the Caribbean Sea and is located on the northeastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. This is an internationally known tourist resort, an amazing city built on a beautiful coral reef. the city is part of the Riviera Maya offers unparalleled natural beauty, turquoise waters with unique white sandy beaches, shady coconut palms, dense vegetation, underwater parks, mystirious temples, Mayan ruins and archaeological sites. Cancun does not resemble with anything anymore the deserted untapped area, is a cosmopolitan popular resortwith luxury hotels, widely spaced large boulevards, famous boutiques, gourmet restaurants, high-rise shopping malls and a Mexican culture that fascinates.


Tulum City-Caribbean town Wall with Toltekiki architectural influence, founded in the 11th century during the period of decline of the Mayan civilization and took its name from the surrounding walls. The area is a fine Temple pyramid shape, in colors of white, red and blue, the Temple of the wind with the mysterious symbol, the temple with the murals of gods, God's Temple of downhill and Grand Palace, with columns and reliefs. The archaeological site, in the most ancient finds, you will see frescoes with scenes of offerings to deities, such as the rain God Chuck, pictures with many snakes and many others.

Ancient Mayan city, the largest Mayan city Chichen Itza, city, occupies an area of 9 square km, with about 30 old buildings, while the rest are buried in the depths of the jungle. The town was founded in a flat Valley and is divided into 3 parts. The northern part of has Toltekiki influence while the central part belongs to the early period and the area of the old Chichen. Typical is the towering pyramid Castillo, the temple with the embossed human skulls, the band with the thousand columns and the Astronomical Observatory. You'll still see the Temple of warriors, where the priests offered the statue that was half man, half-God as a sacrifice live victims ' hearts and great sacrificial Senota, where young Virgins decorated with jewels, their sacrifices to the God of rain. 

Eco-Park Skaret is an amazing  ecological park, which includes the archaeological site with Mayan pyramids and will combine fun, with unique activities. You can swim with dolphins, will make diving in the waters of Kankoyn, blazing with aquatic plants, you will have the opportunity to explore caves, visit botanical gardens, the Mayan village and many others.


Cancun Archaeological Museum. The Museum is created in top level and includes 14,000 skeletal remains from excavations of the last 12 years in underwater caves, ceremonial objects, weapons, domestic vessels, burial masks, tools and many other unique exhibits from the history of the Maya.

Underwater Art Museum: At the bottom of the Marine Park, are situated 400 unique sculptures of human figures in natural size. The sculptures are a uniquely innovative sight, representating themes such as the garden of hope, with a young lady to cultivate plants, the guy with the flames and many other amazing creations. The most important element in the Park are not sculptures that decorate the bottom only, offering an extraordinary spectacle, but bring bases to be born and to grow new coral. Public awareness, meets art, in a unique combination and the result speaks for itself.


The city has an organized network of buses and taxi, which is enough and the best way to move through the city.  


The city has excellent hotels along the coastal belt, which offer stunning views and ideal amenities for a comfortable and pleasant stay. You'll also find great value rooms, at very good prices and in other areas of the city, to choose the ideal place to stay for you.


Cancun boasts excellent beaches, with crystal blue waters and unique beaches, where it is worthwhile to spend the largest almost part of your day. Characteristic are the only contact with nature activities offered by the city's infrastructure, such as explore jungles, to dive into underground rivers and discover hidden treasures. Interesting activities you will find in all 3 areas of the city, which is the main city, the area with the hotel units and the belt with the natural wealth. The coastal area gathers more café, bars and clubs of the city, with fun party frantically until the early morning hours.


In Cancun you will enjoy fresh seafood, fish and lobsters, cooked in a variety of ways, many sauces, spices and fried tortillas. In the most traditional restaurants in the city, will see to serve the local soup with lime and tortilla, black beans with pork and rice, chicken marinated with orange sauce, stuffed with vegetables, pies and abundant Mexican beer. Don't miss to taste the specialities of the city, which is roast suckling pig and the marinated fish fillet with spices and wild oranges. In the city you will find many restaurants with international cuisine, as well as stalls with local junk food in the city.

Shopping Guide

On the coastal zone of the city, you will find covered the large market El Zocalo, with elegant shops, selling beautiful souvenirs and folk art with Mayan style.You will find elaborate Indian jewelry, embroidered shirts, sombreros, pottery, weaving and handicraft is known, the "tree of life". Remarkable products you will find in the Plaza la Fiesta, as well as the Mall of the city, with all the chips on the market, you have nothing to rival the best shopping in Europe.


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