Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa. It is crossed by the River Nile and is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. The official city name in Arabic is Al-Kachira which means Conqueror or Victor. Cairo is a jewel of the Orient and cradle of the Pharaohs and Egyptian grandeur of the past, with influences from both Islamic and Christian cultures. Cairo, despite their strong ties with the past, is a city of the modern world with modern districts that coexist with historical charm and doesn't leave anyone unmoved.

Historical Sights 

The plain of Giza is one of the most important monuments in the world, the plain of Giza is a landmark of Egypt and of the brilliant culture of the country while a huge number of visitors flocking to the space that is one of the seven wonders of the world. This is the necropolis of Pharaoh and includes the famous pyramids of Giza with the largest and most famous pyramid of Cheops and the Sphinx statue within walking distance of the pyramids. The site includes a lot of worthwhile monuments so we recommend that you visit with a guide.

Cairo Tower reaches a height of 187 metres and its construction symbolizes the Pharaonic Lotoys flower. It has an impressive rotating platform that includes restaurant and offers panoramic views of the city.

Citadel of Saladin includes walls that have been rescued from fortification work in order to protect the city during the period of the Crusades. On the same site you can find the Nasser Mosque, the mosque of Mohamed Ali and Al-Gkaoychara Palace.

Mosque of Al-Azhar is a pillar of Islam and one of the first mosques in Cairo. There was also the oldest university in the world and an important devotional space of modern times.


Museum of Egypt is located in the Centre of Cairo and ranks among the most famous museums in the world. Includes rich collection with exhibits that include collections of Papyri, coins, items of daily use and various treasures found in excavations of the tombs of the Pharaohs with best-known King Tutankhamun.
Housed in a two-storey building and stand out the weight 11 kg Golden Mask found in the tomb of Tutankhamun and the exhibits of King as Ramses the third and Nefertiti.

Coptic Museum has the largest collection of Christian Egyptian art in the world. Founded in 1908, and presents the history of Christianity in Egypt from its beginnings until today. Erected in an area of 8,000 square meters offered by the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria under the guardianship of Pope Cyril V. in addition it houses art Coptic samples.


The Cairo Metro moves on the key points of the city as well as buses, but it is not particularly convenient or easy to use. There is also the option of taxi, which are divided into three types according to their color, but it will cost you more expensive depending on the type of taxi service you choose. The city suffers from a big problem the streets have so traffic that needs a  big time even for short distances.


Cairo offers many options for your stay at affordable prices that vary depending on the category of accommodation and the area.


Wander into the huge market of Khan el Khalili and experience the real atmosphere of the East and of traditional Egyptian culture. Take a cruise on the Nile and go through important monuments on the banks of the river which was the vein of life and prosperity in the barren desert of Egypt. Visit Tachrir square, downtown developments of modern Egypt and the Giza Zoo and botanical gardens of the city for an enjoyable ride. For your night of fun, Cairo offers a lot of choices with shops, live music and dancing, theaters, nightclubs, cafes, bars and pubs to suit all tastes.


Try genuine Egyptian koshari is like dish with rice, lentils and macaroni, fried Falafel, the popular dish with Fava ful medames, the syrupy sweet like konafa and basbousa. From drinks, try the fresh juices that you can find from Street and coffee with cardamom.

Shopping Guide

It is necessary to visit the souk of Khan El-Khalili and negotiate to get some good prices on items that interest you. In the vast and chaotic flea market you can find among other musical instruments,  silver jewellery or, souvenirs, ornamental figures alabastrina objects truly aromatic oils, spices, tea, coffee, and hookah. In addition, several stores you will find in the Zamalek district.


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