Bucharest is the capital of Romania, built on the banks of the river Ntimprobita and the largest city in population, with 2.151.880 inhabitants. The city expand rapidly in recent years, thanks to its infrastructure and rebuilding of its buildings and holds the role of the most important cultural, commercial and financial centre of the country. The Bucharest has wide streets, historic center, museums, atmospheric hotels and imposing buildings. It is a modern capital with a strong story and a hopeful future.


The building of Parliament House is the most expensive, the heaviest and largest civilian administrative building in Europe and the second largest in the world, after the Pentagon in the us. It was built in the 1980s by Nikolai Ceausescu, consisting of countless many rooms, with an excessive luxury and a decoration that includes gold leaf, extravagant chandeliers, precious marble and other similar. In the basement of Parliament, said that the secret services were housed in the party and that there is a nuclear shelter. All of them had been taking place while the people lived in poverty. From multiple call and "Mad House". In Parliament hosted today the National Museum of contemporary art and the Romanian Parliament.

Katakouzinos Palace: The Palace was property of Mary Katakouzinos, the wife of National composer and violinist George Enescu and was for several years the couple concerned. It has an impressive entrance and is now the George Enescu Museum and presents various objects, such as manuscripts, Romania's national legend.

The Church of Stavroupolis is a simple, but beautiful church which was built in 1724 by the Greek Archimandrite and Monk, John Stratonikea. The Interior of the Church, frescoes, sculptures, special tables, as well as an excellent library.


National Museum of art: The Museum hosted in a former Royal Palace and presents collections of the Royal family, but also from the medieval and modern Romanian art.

Museum village: With Representational faithfulness to tradition presented a copy of a typical Romanian village, with churches, windmills and wooden houses, which many of them are authentic. The Museum gives you the opportunity to experience the everyday life of people in the countryside.


Bucharest is a major commercial and industrial centre of Romania and features an integrated public transport system, like trams, buses, trolley buses and Metro.


In Bucharest you'll find beautiful and comfortable hotels at very good prices, depending on the amenities that you desire.


In Bucharest, the heart of the historic centre stretches into two squares. Visit Revolution Square, with the Senate building and the Calea Victoriei, with the best shops and historic buildings. In University square, you will find the historical Museum, small picturesque café, restaurants and pubs. Sundays on the square is the mornings open-air Bazaar with various objects and antiques. Visit the beautiful building of neoclassical style, Romanian Atheneum, you use as a Concert Hall and the tomb of Prince Vlad Tzepes or else Count Dracula. In the outdoor areas of the city, it is worth visiting the Cismigiu garden and botanical garden with more than 10,000 species of plants from all over the world. Bucharest is second to nothing in nightlife, you will find many bars and clubs, with pop, rock and Romanian dance music until the morning.


In traditional cuisine of Bucharest, you' ll try local specialties such as pork meatballs wrapped in cabbage, stuffed peppers, small cooked sausages, pork with cheese, all accompanied by excellent local beers. You will not miss the traditional ciorba soup dish tocanita (meat with onions in skillet) and ghiveci, a Meze with 20 olive oil sausages. From the city, missing and not extremely shops with international cuisine. End worth trying the local residents ' favorite drinks, made from apples or plums and the traditional Romanian donut.

Shopping Guide

To Calea Victoriei, you will find especially and expensive shops, while the city's largest market, is the Amzei Market located in the historic centre. In the pedestrian zone of Hanul Cu paved Tei, you will find small galleries and antiques. Throughout the city of Bucharest, will find flea markets with fresh produce, local cheeses, cold meats and honey.


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