The Bremen is a Hanseatic City in Northern Germany, built on the banks of the Weser River and has approximately 500,000 inhabitants. The geographical location of the city is highly commercial about it from the old port was one of the most important in Germany. It is a modern city with vitality, high technology and science. The Bremen is a very beautiful place, where the Center is small and even the biggest piece of it is pedestrianized, which calls on a ride either on foot or by bike. The modern and cosmopolitan character of distinguished at every turn. A city that combines living history with modern business location of the river Weser.


Rathaus: Unparalleled motto of the city is the Rathaus, the town hall with the Weser Renaissance style, built in 1410. Is one of the most beautiful buildings town halls of Europe and the visitor can admire a special report for the reunification of Germany.

Statue of Roland: In the market square is also the famous statue of Roland, which was built in 1404 and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The statue is considered the patron saint of the city, of the trade, with the height reaches about 5.47 m. and in his hands to keep the "sword of Justice".

Die Stadtmusikanten: Hallmark of the town is the famous statue, depicting a donkey, a dog, a cat and a cock, from the famous tale of the Brothers Grimm "The Bremen Town Musicians".


Kunsthalle (art museum): The Kunsthalle Art Museum was founded in 1823. the visitor has the possibility to discover an exceptional collection of works of both European and international contemporary art. More specifically, painting, sculpture and prints drawings from the Renaissance until today, that pop out from every corner of the Museum. Key focus is the collection of French and German paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries. Among them distinguish important pieces by French Impressionists like Manet, Monet and Sezan.

Universum Bremen: The Universum Bremen is a dazzling and original construction as its shape resembles a giant silver whale or Mussel while there is a lot of interactive exhibits about humanity. Here turns science into one big roller coaster. guests can discover that  treated a tornado like it was real.

Ethnological Museum of Bremen: The Ethnological Museum is located in the Centre of Bremen and is a fascinating journey around the planet. Is an excellent choice for those who want to experience and explore distant continents, tropical forests, wild animals of the African savannah, underwater paradises of Oceania and others. Founded in 1896, and contains 1.2 million exhibits in approximately 10,000 sq.m. exhibition space. Considered one of the most important cultural institutions in Northern Germany.

St. Peter's Cathedral: The Museum of the Cathedral of St. Peter was founded in 1987. Presents a series of photographs illustrating 900 years history of temple architecture, the medieval murals and stone sculptures. In the 1970s from excavations recovered artifacts from tombs, as silver chalices and vestments, medieval dioceses discs from the 11th to the 15th century. Finally you will see many paintings including "Man of sorrow" by Lucas Cranach.


The town has bus and tram network which makes it very easy to move in. There are still very well organized biking, so a very good choice would be that of the bicycle for transportation. Generally the biggest piece of the Centre are pedestrianized so no cars. All powered tram and bicycle.


In the city centre there are too many hotels which can meet any requirements of every guest and make easy access on foot to the city's attractions. It is worth mentioning that in the city of Bremen is the smallest hotel in the world with just one room!


Nightlife of Bremen is particularly strong with many bars around the Weser River, the Interior is very similar to that of the English pub. The main drink is beer here. There are still traditional tapas bar with a taste of southern Spain. In local cafe you can learn everything about roasting coffee, coffee roaster traditions from the master and of course to enjoy him. Especially for lovers we could not omit a stand at the stadium of the local team Werder Bremen, Weserstadium.


The traditional sweet flavors of Bremen is called Kluten and is Mint chocolate-covered cubes. You will also enjoy abundant German beer and bretzels shops around the river. You can choose from a lot of restaurant in market square, with very good food and impeccable service. Indeed, in some of them the food served at historic wine cellars.

Shopping Guide

Bremen, is a delight for walking and shopping. There is time to do it all, as the city is so compact with countless fashion stores and department stores. Also in the city centre there is the daily flower market of Bremen which will be loved by young and old alike with its wonderful colours and fragrances.


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