Boston is a coastal town in the northeastern u.s. States, and is the capital of the State of Massachusetts. The city is built on a natural harbour and is the oldest and historic city of America. Boston is known for its excellent universities, institutions and urban layout of unconventional it is a city with a strong story, its own cultural characteristics, remarkable attractions,museums and neighborhoods with residents who are distinguished for their liveliness and their dynamics.


Freedom Trail: The path of freedom, is a walk along the 16 most historical attractions of the city, covering 2.5 centuries of American history.

New England Aquarium: The  amazing Boston Aquarium is a remarkable family attraction for the city, hosting thousands of magnificent animals of the aquatic world. Typical is the glass tank that hosts the most poisonous fish in the entire planet.

Boston Harbor Islands in the historic port of New England, is an excellent National Recreation area, which consists of 34 scattered islands. There you can swim, enjoy hiking, exploring old forts and experience unique experiences.


The Science Museum is an extraordinary Museum, which includes more than 400 interactive exhibits, a planetarium, IMAX Theater and Virtual Fish Tank.

Museum of fine arts is considered one of the finest and largest art museums in New England, home to one of the well-known art collections of Claude Monet.

Gibson House Museum is housed in an amazing season of 1900 Victorian mansion, which takes you to a completely different world. These spaces include authentic furniture and objects that define the architecture and history of the inhabitants of the era. The grandson of the original proprietors donated the House, with all the content to be used as a museum after his death.


In Boston the distances are relatively small, so you can comfortably browse the city walk. Nevertheless the city has complete and organized transportation with buses, metro lines and extensive rail network.


Boston offers many options for your stay, depending on the amount of money you would like to make and the benefits you want. The more and better hotels are located close to the city centre, with fairly satisfactory prices, depending on their category.


In Boston you can enjoy a walk in the coastal zone of the city, in the chic marinas and next to huge parks. You can still watch a theatrical performance or a concert in the concert hall. Atmospheric neighborhood of Cambridge contains countless cafés, bars and chic restaurants. One of the most beautiful streets of Boston's Newbury Street, street, with wonderful Victorian and Georgian houses, atmospheric hotels, galleries, small shops and restaurants. The city will still find countless bars and clubs, where the locals amuse with whimsy for dancing, listening to music choices excellent dj.


In Boston will find a lot of interesting local restaurants that serve either snack, or luxurious dishes. You will taste excellent pizzas, delicious hamburger, local traditional American cuisine, but also all the cuisines of the world. In the city of Boston will savour fresh seafood, excellent meat and very nice sweets. Unique flavors of beer will taste at Sam Adams Brewery, which is a special Museum.

Shopping Guide

Boston is a paradise for your purchases. Visit the street Washington street, with most and finest department stores in the city. A special place for shopping and for food and the indoor-outdoor market in Quincy.


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