Bologna is a city in Italy and the capital of the province of Emilia Romagnia. It is a city that lives with modern rhythms and has an intense cultural life, because of the University, which is the oldest in Europe. The city hosts numerous students and is an important crossroad of railways. Bologna is a fairly misunderstood city although it has many attractions, it is a quite social city, with friendly people, very good food and interesting architecture. The historic center of Bologna has a rich and important history, medieval buildings, artistic monuments and protected by UNESCO.


Towers Asinelli and Rossini: Tower story is intertwined with the prestige and power of Feudal families. As the tower was tall, so strong was the family. The Asinelli tower built in 1182 and when finished, the Rossini decided to build a bigger one. This annoyed the Asinelli and added extra steps in their own Tower. Each time you add each other, measures continued to add more steps. So they arrived at point the towers start to droop and when the Tower of Rossini leaned so much, their forced authorities to cut the top of. The tower now reaches only Rossini 49 meters, while the Asinelli Tower 102 metres and tilts more and more every year. The towers are mentioned even in Dante's Inferno.

Certosa di Bologna is a monumental cemetery, the oldest in Europe, with global significance. The site features unique architecture and sculpture, dated the XIX and XX century.

San Luca Sanctuaty of the temple is on top of the Hill is a place of worship and Guardia and symbol for the city of Bologna. There show and a historical icon of the Madonna of Saint Luke. On the hill there is a tunnel that connects the shrine in the city, has more than 600 arches of the portico and is notable for its length, which reaches nearly 4 km.


Museo della Practical: Museum Memoriale represents specific sets and life-size dolls, all tragic days in the history of World War II. Special effects accompany the visitor and the audience becomes part of the show.

Museo di Mineralogia: The Museum was founded in 1860 and presents unique exhibits of geology, Zoology and Mineralogy.

Museo di Santo Stefano: In an amazing Benedictine monastery is hosted an excellent collection of ecclesiastical items, Holy vestments, frescoes and paintings, dated between the 13th and 18th centuries.


The city of Bologna is relatively small and comfortable you can move with the feet. Nevertheless the city has all the modern means of transportation, able to take you anywhere.


Bologna is able to cover all the needs of a comfortable and pleasant stay in hotels with reasonable prices.


The most historical and large square of the city is the Piazza Galvani, which includes most attractions and the municipal library. The square is the most central point of the town, with many shops, restaurants and café. Beneath the streets of the city, there is a whole network of medieval canals, where you can explore. The town hides many surprises, it has too many castles, amazing parks, original museums, galleries, theaters and there is no way to let you get bored. Throughout the city, you will find a bar, café, club alternative scenes and many musical options for all tastes.


In Bologna you will taste the most delicious tortellini like filled with flowers of zucchini, pheasant with honey, excellent mortadella, casseroles and the famous pork-butchery culatello. The most beautiful restaurants of the city are concentrated at the intersection of the streets Via del Pratello with Via Pietralata, with exceptional flavours and the best wine varieties. Excellent post hold and Bologna sweets and ice creams, with incredible flavors, like the cheese taste ricotta and Caramelized figs.

Shopping Guide

In Bologna you will find very nice shops and Outlets with unique pieces at great prices. Of particular interest are the flea markets of the city, you can find most traditional products, second hand clothes, vintage pieces and lots of memorabilia.


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