Berlin is the capital and largest city in area and population of Germany. It is the greenest metropolis of Germany with extensive facilities, parks, forests and lakes. Once a symbol of the cold war, is now synonymous with the artistic fever and endless fun. The town is an economic and cultural center and an important transport hub. Seal the contrasts, combining unique the underground character, with luxury, contemporary Museums, galleries and Opera and specifies the latest trends in lifestyle, music and art. In the city in attracting the climate of tolerance, experimenting, giving in Berlin, a person that constantly develops. Can the pace of being bold, but they are very friendly to visitors and residents and has a lot of options.


The Brandenburg Gate is an 18th century monumental gate that symbolizes peace. It is the symbol of a United Germany after the fall of the Berlin wall. Built between 1698-1791, with a length of 65 m, height 28 m. and the draft was based on the Propylaea of the Acropolis of Athens, with decorations portraying scenes from Greek mythology. At the top of the gate, there is the 4wheels victory chariot driven by the goddess of peace. In 1806 when Napoleon defeated the Prussian troops at the battle of Jena-Auerstedt, he ordered the chariot to be transferred to Paris, but after the battle of Waterloo, the chariot returned triumphantly in Berlin and a symbol of peace, the chariot was translated into a symbol of victory.

Berlin wall: Erection of Walls was on August 13, 1961, from the East and until fall on 9 November 1989, separated West from East Berlin. It was the most known symbol of the cold war and the Division of Germany. But officially the authorities claimed that the wall was a creation of a anticapitalist protection, as the Eastern defense against Western aggression. The wall were kept in all its length with watchtowers, guard posts and guards who were instructed to shoot those who did attempt to escape. Violent actions, resulted in the death of about 192 people. Since 1989, when they opened the borders, most of the walls were demolished. The most famous piece is 1326m. and is decorated with 106 murals

The Berlin Cathedral: The Cathedral of Berlin, located on the island of museums and is the third Temple in order that was built in the same place. Created between 1894-1905 in Baroque and newromance rate this church, a symbol of Berlin. The first church was built in 1465, but was later replaced by a cathedral in 1765. The Emperor William II, ordered in 1894 destroyed the temple and replaced it with the current Temple. During World War II the building was hit by a bomb, placed a temporary roof to rescue the Interior of the building and in 1975 started the reconstruction. It has rich interior décor, authentic ceiling mosaics, marble reliefs and sarcophagi of famous persons of German history.

Alexanterplatz: The square was named Alexanterplatz in honour of the Tsar Alexander I, after visiting in 1805. The end of the second world war, the Allied bombing destroyed most buildings of the square. After the war, the square was the center of East Berlin, and constructed large buildings Soviet style architecture as a high tower for TV. The tower was built in 1969 and is one of the largest manufactures in Europe, with its antenna reaches 365 ad. and in the realm of features a revolving restaurant, at a height of 207m. Now this bustling square, lie still, international time clock and the fountain of international friendship.


Museum Island: Going for the famous Berlin's Museum Island, which hosts 5 Museums. The old Gallery has one of the largest collections of 19th century paintings and sculptures, from the old Museum that reminds the Corinthian Temple, with Greek and Roman relics, Duverne Museum with a large collection of sculptures and the largest coin collections.  Also operates the new Museum, with collections from Greece and Egypt, with most important relic bust of Nefertiti and the monumental Pergamon Museum with a superb collection of Antiquities, Greek and Babylonian that includes the impressive Ishtar of Babylon and the huge altar of Pergamon.

Pergamon Museum this is the newest of the 5 Museums, the Museum Island and took its name, from the altar of Pergamon, a huge monument which hosted in the area. The Museum suffered devastation during World War II, though the exhibits of preserved stored in other place, while an important part of his collection was transferred in 1945 in Moscow, in the Hermitage and Pushkin Museums. The Museum consists of 3 sections, of Antiquities, Islamic Art Museum and the "Near East" the major exhibits, is the shrine of the Acropolis of ancient Pergamon and part of the Temple of Athena Nikiforos. Still exhibits presented from Persia, Syria, ancient Miletus, Samos and Naxos.

Currywurst Museum, one of the specialties of the German cuisine has its own museum! In this museum, visitors can learn many interesting for German sausages, also they can smell and taste them of course.

Natural History Museum: The Museum presents a huge collection with over 25 million specimens, from paleontology, mineralogy and zoology.   The reports are so complete, that the Museum come not only visitors, but more scientists and researchers. In the Museum is the largest dinosaur in the world as reconstructed and the most perfectly preserved specimen of the oldest bird. I still see, great report from fossil amber, the largest meteorite in the world and samples of the extinct Tasmanian Tiger.


In Berlin you can comfortably move around on foot, since the city is wide, flat, large sidewalks and very green. You can even rent a bike, since the city has wide streets without climbs and shows incredible respect for bicycles. Berlin has an extensive network of subways, trains, buses and trams, that allows you to reach any point of the city. Like any European city, in Berlin you will find a taxi easily, but it is quite expensive. Even in large and comfortable streets of Berlin, you will not encounter any difficulty in the event that you want to move with your own car.

Berlin City hotels

features hotels, luxurious apartments, accommodation, depending on your wishes, the money you want to spend and the comforts that you seek. Prefer a hotel near a Metro, for switching comfortably and easily anywhere you wish.


Berlin has an unusual variety of sights, rich cultural life and a bright and relaxed pace of life. The whole story of an entire nation is presented by a walk from the German Parliament, the Holocaust Memorial and the Red Town Hall. You will admire the summer palace of the Prussians Kings and the Jewish Museum, which brings to life the memories and life history of the Jews.To relax, visit the huge Berlin Zoo with over 15,000 animals and magnificent Lake Northwest of Berlin, in the forest of Grunewald. Berlin is unique and for many musical scenes, created on former industrial and factory spaces. The city offers numerous pubs, bars, clubs, different style and for every taste, without any limitation in time. In the eastern part of the city you will find cabaret, from the most extravaganzas in Europe and for those who love gambling, Casino.


The German cuisine is simple, uncluttered and quite economical, depending on what you would like to make. Includes lots of meats, such as pork, sausage, soups and sauces. Will try sausages cooked in various versions, goulash (traditional winter recipe with beef, onions and hot sauce), steaks smokers and preserved in brine, meatballs with lemon sauce with capers, plenty of beer and of course the famous Berlin drink beer with juice. In the city outside of restaurants that serve traditional dishes, you'll find more Italian, French restaurants, Greek tavernas, Chinese and fast food for something quick.

Shopping Guide

In Berlin, you will find from fashion houses showing the latest fashion trends, so pioneering boutiques with fancy clothes style brokerage and outdoor farmers ' markets, for endless Shopping therapy in incredibly good prices. Don't forget to buy except the special souvenirs and traditional sausages.


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