Beijing is the capital of the people's Republic of China and is the political, economic and cultural center of the largest populated country in the world. From the ancient imperial sights, traditional opera and local markets up to the modern facilities of the 2008 Olympic Games, the skyscrapers and shopping malls,Beijing combines Chinese tradition with the fast pace of a modern metropolis and creates a wide range of options for every traveler. So, featuring Web-RIA more than 3000 years old, is an exciting destination with new parts and countless attractions waiting to be discovered in every corner.

Historical Sights

The Forbidden City Is a complex of 980 buildings in downtown Beijing and there has been housing 24 emperors of China. Received its name because of the ban on entry to the common people without the permission of the Emperor, who punished with execution in case of infringement. Is a genuine Chinese architecture and serves as a museum with huge number of valuable findings from across the country.

Tiananmen Square: Tiananmen is the most important part of the city, and one attraction not to be missed. Covers 440,000 square meters and is the third largest square in the world. The most important political events of China's history have happened in Tiananmen Square, such as the Declaration of the people's Republic in 1949 and the demonstrations of 1989. It also includes the famous Tiananmen gate, which was the first entrance of the forbidden city.

Temple of the sky: The beautiful and imposing church was the place where the Emperor prayed every year for good and the favor of the gods in a special rite of absolute isolation. Surrounded by a lush public park where you can meet many locals to participate in dance activities to do tai-chi etc.

Great Wall is one of the seven wonders of the world and China's most famous site, receives about 13 million visitors a year. Is a series of defensive walls built in different historical periods and from different emperors, forming a gigantic project, which does not leave anyone indifferent

Hutongs are alleys formed between villas creating entire neighborhoods with narrow streets that are worth a wander.


National Museum of China is located in Tiananmen Square and hosts unique exhibits ranging from fossils millions of years up and objects from different imperial dynasty.

Beijing Art Museum is housed in an impressive 16th-century Buddhist temple with beautiful Rocky garden and halls you can admire a variety of Chinese works of art.


Beijing offers a reliable and inexpensive travel media network with bus and underground lines. The best way to experience the city, however, is undoubtedly the bike. Option form and taxis with commuting costs to fluctuate at reasonable levels for citizens of Western countries.


Beijing offers many options for a pleasant stay in a great price range depending on your preferences. a large number of hotels situated in the city centre while you can find very affordable rooms in hutongs.


Walk on picturesque neighborhoods, monuments and parks of Beijing while not forget to watch a performance at the Opera, theatre or any show with stunts. Finally, for your night fun prefer some karaoke clubs, since it is a fun way for their favorite Chinese.


Flavors of the basal plate of the town is the Peking duck, while other interesting flavors are spicy and sour soup, the noodles and Mongolian Fire Pot (boiled mutton served in strips). Try anyway and the Chinese tea that holds a key role in the delivery of the country with the mainstream tea houses and special ritual.

Shopping Guide

Beijing is famous for its silk goods and are worth a visit to the outdoor silk market, Silk Market. Plus, you can buy traditional products or souvenirs, as well as anything else you want in small shops or department stores in commercial streets such as Wangfujiing Street.


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