Bangkok is Thailand's capital and largest city with over 10 million inhabitants. It is one of the hottest cities in the world with temperatures exceeding 30º C throughout the year and this is an exotic and colourful metropolis with many attractions. Known as the "city of Angels",famed for the majestic temples and stately palaces, nightlife,chock full of streets, the rich markets and channels.The chaotic atmosphere and perpetual motion, combined with the calm and smiling nature of its inhabitants, making it an unforgettable destination.


Grand Palace & Wat Pra Kaew. The Thailand's most famous monument, the Grand Palace is a complex of buildings, covering 218.400 square meters and feature unique architecture, ornate statues and frescoes. It is the official residence of the King of Thailand from the 18th century and inside the walls of the home to the majestic Temple Wat Phra Kaew the Emerald Buddha statue is covered with a mantle of solid gold, which changes 3 times a year by the same King in a special ceremony.

Wat Pho Temple is one of the oldest and largest temples of Bangkok, houses the gigantic gold plated reclining Buddha with Pearly soles. Apart from world-renowned Temple, is considered the first public education center in Thailand, with many impressive frescoes, inscriptions and statues with subjects related to literature, archaeology, astronomy, healing, meditation, etc.

Wat Arun (Temple of dawn): This is even a Buddhist temple on the Bank of the Chao Praya River. The river itself is a particularly scenic area worth exploring by water taxi, while you enjoy the view from the top of the Temple of dawn, climbing the stairs rather abruptly. Besides the beautiful landscape, the Temple of dawn impresses with the panipsyla and the central tower spires (prang), which is decorated with ceramic  tiles and pieces of colourful porcelain.


National Museum: The National Gallery & National Museum of Bangkok is the largest museum in Southeast Asia and is housed in a pretty, old buildings and traditional Thai design. It hosts an extensive collection of historical artifacts from the Neolithic onwards. Just across the street from the Museum is the National Gallery of Bangkok, with exhibits of traditional and contemporary Thai art artists.

Bangkok Corrections Museum is part of the old prison of Bangkok, part of which has been preserved as a museum after the demolition of the decision by the Government. biaiai presents Thai prison story with artifacts and images from punishments and torture scenes.


Bangkok has developed network of public transport on buses, subway and train routes covering all the key points of the city. Useful will come and the water taxi or the boats on your movements. The original three-wheeled tuk tuk are not the most reliable means of locomotion but offer a genuine local experience that is worth trying at least once, while avoid the car because of the traffic and the chaotic situation on the streets.


Bangkok offers many choices at affordable prices that vary depending on the category of accommodation and the area. It is recommended to choose a hotel with air conditioning as observed high temperatures both in the morning and in the evening hours.


As long as you're in Thailand worth to try out the spa and the famous Thai massage. Also, visit the country's ancient capital Ayutthaya with the renowned majestic temples, as well as the floating market at Damnoen Saduak, where you will see a unique theme, with dozens of merchants to distributes their wooden boats. If you have a chance, don't miss and a dash in exotic paradise of Phuket, they will beat you with tropical beauty. In addition, experience the nightlife of Bangkok with a dinner cruise on the Chao Praya River, an evening stroll through the shops of Khao San Road or watching some of the sensuous or drag shows on which famous Bangkok. While there is a plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants with live music for all tastes.


Bangkok has very good quality restaurants to enjoy the specialties of the popular Thai cuisine try the spicy soup with shrimp Tam Yum Goong, the national dish with fried Pad Thai noodles, chicken with coconut soup Tom Kha Kai and spicy papaya salad Tam Sam.

Shopping Guide

Bangkok boasts fluff market with multitude of options to buy, in different regions. Visit commercial centers, huge in scope and variety of Chatuchak Weekend Market, the all-night market in Khao San Road, and the ultimate Asiatique shop for electronics enthusiasts, Pantip Plaza.


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