Atlanta is the largest city and the capital of the State of Georgia, USA. It is the Centre of a metropolitan area and is a city with great economic development. The city is laced with the historical past with strong ties and the heritage of old reflected in modern city life.

The town was founded in 1837 as a result of a large cluster of railways and remains a focal point, not only for the country but for the whole world. Atlanta is a financial and cultural center and one of the most profitable u.s. companies, after the city established several of the majors. Worldwide. architecturally characterized by numerous skyscrapers, but has an amazing natural landscape. The diverse nature is one of the strengths of metropolis, the city is full of rivers, lakes and lush green vast expanses.

Atlanta History Center is an extraordinary building complex, with the city's major museums, historic houses and beautiful gardens, well worth a visit to experience the history of Atlanta.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden: The Botanical Garden of the city was founded in the early 1980s and includes exceptional places bloom and diverse scenic streets, in a unique landscape color feast.

Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the world has to offer you unique moments of exploration of the aquatic world with many interesting activities. You'll see dolphins dance, falainokarcharies and aquatic animals from around the world.

CNN Studio Tour on the premises of the larger Global channel, taking a look at all the news that are in the pipeline and get an exclusive taste of all emissions that are in action.

Fox Theatre: The Fox Theatre was constructed in the 1920s and is recorded as a historical place. This is an excellent Arabic theater design with varied history. On the premises of ballet performances will attend exceptional, Opera, movies and music concerts.

Atlanta Cyclorama is an amazing circular display, which shows the battle of Atlanta in 1864. The round table is an excellent work of the Victorian era and is one of the most famous attractions of the city.

Fernbank Museum of natural history: The Museum presents the natural history of the country and many scientific phenomena, with the help of the most modern technical means. Features are the large statues of animals, exhibits that depict the natural history of the place, the exhibits of other cultures and the huge dinosaur skeletons. The Museum includes the areas of remote sensing, interactive screens, IMAX Theatre and Gallery.

The home of Margaret Mitchell: In this historic three-story house, lived and wrote his masterpiece "Gone with the wind", the well-known writer Margaret Mitchell. The House is one of the most important milestones of Atlanta and besides tourist attraction, also works as a literary Center and special event space.

High Museum of Art: The Museum houses a remarkable collection of works of art, from the Renaissance era until today. On the premises of the European and American projects are presented, African decorative art of the 20th century, photographs and much more.


Atlanta has a full and fairly complex transport network, which includes buses, rail lines and a heavy Metro system. The city includes at least 45 miles of bike lanes and a comprehensive network of motorways, allowing you to move with absolute security.


Atlanta has all kinds of hotels, with the best services, at very good prices for a comfortable and pleasant stay.


In the wider area of Atlanta you'll find incredibly many museums, art galleries, theaters, function rooms and parks, for endless hours of fun and navigate through the city. One of the most interesting areas are the Marietta Historic District, with most museums and cultural heritage of the city. In the square you will find antique shops and elegant restaurants with fine food. Atlanta has a lively nightlife and offers countless bars, clubs, restaurants, cabarets and theaters in almost every popular neighborhood. Most shops are concentrated in the District of Buckhead, thereby turning the region into an endless party. The area of the Peachtree Center is the most tourist part of the city, with countless entertainment options and venues with many musical choices.


In the city of Atlanta will find countless restaurants with international cuisine and many innovative proposals. The city is known for its southern cuisine, but also for the delicacies that come from all parts of the Earth, such as sushi, noodles and burritos.

Shopping Guide

Atlanta is a major destination markets, with huge department stores and quaint shops, that appeal to all ages and feature a wide range of prices. Of particular interest is the so-called Underground Atlanta, with retailers, shopping carts and traditional shops with local products.


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