Athens got its name from the goddess Athena, which was her protector, and is the capital of Greece. Located in Central Greece and is considered one of the most historic cities in Europe and since antiquity a powerful City-State. Is a member of the European Union and is a fairly urbanized city.

Acropolis of Athens: Ιn the city dominates the Holy rock of 156m., the Acropolis of Athens. It was the spiritual centre of ancient Athens and is one of the masterpieces of classical architecture. All sides of the Hill are inaccessible outside of the West we find brightly Propylea, the fortified entrance. In the South Wing of the propylaion Citadel, you will see the four pillar Ionic, Temple of Athena Nike. The main and more formal construction of the Acropolis, with a perfect harmonic proportions, the Temple of the Parthenon, expresses the grandeur of the Athenian people. You won't miss the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. A Conservatory with a capacity of 5,000 people with impressive acoustics, which today hosts musical and theatrical performances. Next to one of the oldest and famous theatres, the ancient theater of Dionysus. Passing the Conservatory will see the Philopappos Hill with the beautiful Agios Dimitrios Church restored in 1955. Don't forget to enjoy  a ride without any cars on the road of Dionysus Areopagitou. Cobblestone paths created by the unification of the archaeological sites and neoclassical houses 19th and 20th century. The road to the Roman market comprises buildings and monuments.

The enchanting plaka: Plaka is the oldest Athenian neighborhood with narrow streets. You will be filled with smells of the beautiful and old houses and images of Ancient, Byzantine and Roman monuments. Here beats the heart of Athens, the region is characterized by monuments of all time, such as small churches, a Mosque, a Hammam and the first University of Greece, compose the cultural mosaic of the city.    By then the road that leads to the Monastiraki Square, visit the Abyssinia known for its antiques shops and countless old houses and stores.

Lycabettus Hill over the city of Athens in 277m., at the highest point of the plateau is the Lycabettus. Ratio of the height of, the Lycabettus is visible from almost any point of the city. This is an impressive peak and is an extremely popular tourist destination for visitors, but also for residents of the city. On the Hill you reach by cable car or on foot. The path walk would climb graphics stairs to reach the top of the Hill, where you will find the small whitewashed Chapel of St. George and I enjoy the whole view of the city literally at your feet. Before you will see stretching the whole town, the mountains and the harbour of Piraeus. Enjoy your coffee or your drink in the restaurant area, away from the roar of the city and enjoy the magic that it offers these moments 

Monastiraki: The Monastiraki is an old district of Athens, under the ancient Acropolis, with many small picturesque alleys. In the center of the square, Monastiraki Abyssinia, which hosted the auction house from 1910. Here you will find a small feast, where you can buy old objects, such as antiques, silver, coins, watches, especially old furniture and many more. There are still many shops with clothes, shoes, authentic leather sandals, traditional ceramics and souvenirs. In the square you will find the old and well known store for Souvlaki, which is no longer feature piece delivery for the city.

Temple of Poseidon in the southern part of the City-State, the Sounion, a headland with steep coast, which is known because of the significant geographical location, its strategic importance but also the ruins of the ancient temple of Poseidon, located there and have survived until today. The Athenians were built in the surrounding area, temples dedicated to the gods of the city and were encircling the area with a wall. The Temple of Poseidon, God of the sea, was created in the years of Pericles, the biggest political of ancient Athens. The temple is Doric, with six columns on the short sides and 13 at long. The Soynioy know that was inhabited from prehistoric times and flourished because of the mines of the region. In the surrounding area have found great finds and has now been declared a national park.

Acropolis Museum finds from the archaeological site of Acropolis are preserved in the Acropolis Museum, which is one of the best museums in the world and houses a wide variety of various findings, found the sacred rock of the Acropolis and foothills, covering a sufficiently long period, from the Mycenaean to the Roman and early Christian Athens. Presented with Prehistoric Antiquities Collections, with works of great civilizations, sculptures, you will see the evolution of ancient Greek sculpture, Vases, with representative works of ancient Greek ceramics, Metalwork, with figurines and miniature paintings and finally the unique collection of Egyptian and Oriental antiquities, with artwork from the predynastic period until Roman times. Is divided into 5 levels, in 4 of them will find the Museum's collections, while the 5 level houses auxiliary spaces, such as the restaurant and Mini Shop.

Byzantine and Christian Museum: In the home of the Duchess of Plaisance is located the Byzantine and Christian Museum is now hosting more than 25,000 exhibits in unique collections ceramics, sculptures, images and fabrics. The Museum was founded in the early 20th century with the purpose of study, preservation and exhibition of Byzantine and post-Byzantine cultural heritage in Greek territory.  

National History Museum: For a flashback in modern Greek history and traditional customs from the 15th to the 20th century, will not miss to visit the national history museum, with exhibits of historical and folklore material, such as flags, weapons, personal items of historical styles, medals and traditional costumes. The Museum is a Centre for research in modern Greek history.

Goulandris Museum of natural history: In the Goulandris natural history museum you will see collections of reptiles, insects, birds, mammals, rocks and fossils of the rich wildlife and of Greece.

Belic Museum of particular interest is the War Museum, originally because of its unusual shape, but also with the report from warplanes, relics, weapons, removable cannons outside the building, but also collections from businesses of the Hellenic armed forces during the second world war and the war of Cyprus.


To your move easy and comfortable in the Centre, the metro network, serving 45 stations. It is fast, accurate and economical. For areas that still there is no metro station, there is a response by electric railway and bus. The suburban railway is still a contemporary work and covers the airport with the Centre and other areas outside Attica. Quite affordable compared to other capitals are taxis, in yellow color. If you want to enjoy a walk along the beach at your convenience use the tram. Finally comfortable enough you will find buses and trolleys that for all this you can obtain special maps and guides for all routes with detailed information.


In the heart of the city you will find a wide range of hotels that will satisfy from the casual visitor to the most demanding. Farther from the center of the city numerous hotels in coastal areas will fill you with a unique sense of freedom and well-being with an excellent view overlooking the Saronic Gulf. Finally, for lovers of the mountain, the north suburbs of Athens is what you've always dreamed of.


In Athens the whimsy and the fun never ends. You will find countless options for every age within the city and in the suburbs. Starting your day you can enjoy your coffee or in various small café in the town centre or on the roof garden of most organized hotels with views of the Acropolis and the port of Piraeus. In particular are the shops in Gazi, Agia Irini and square karitsi square, with alternative music. You will not miss to visit the cosmic Kolonaki, one of the oldest secular neighborhoods of Athens with attentive world and especially shops. Kifissia, a northern suburb of aristocratic city and Glyfada, particularly during the summer months, the backdrop with its many shops, café next to the sea and the world enjoys his drink on the streets of shops, it reminds you like you are on an island. Apart from the commercial part of Glyfada, don't forget to visit the beach side with specially shops right on the sea, open from morning with restaurants and a children's playground. The big clubs and the pistes with live Greek music, definitely will not disappoint you and will spend unforgettable, until the early morning hours. Countless theatres downtown await you with a wide range of expressions. During the summer months the Odeon of Herodes Atticus is home to exceptional performances of ancient theatre, operas and concerts of renowned musicians of the domestic and international music scene. Another area of cultural events is the Athens Concert Hall with exhibitions, operas, ballets and speeches.


For lunch choose the area of Plaka, with particular dishes in the picturesque alleys of the district, for countless ouzo, wander on the throttle and the narrow commercial street of ermou Street. A little further away, in the region of Chasias, in taverns near Thrakomakedones, on the slopes of the mountain, you will enjoy excellent meat and grilled. In Glyfada and all the rest of the coastal part of town, you will find a huge variety of stylish restaurants and luxurious restaurants, with amazing menu and impeccable service. In all parts of the city there are from fast food and souvlaki for something quick, until international restaurants. I will not forget to try the famous tzatziki, pastitsio, moussaka, Greek Salad, honey and traditional sweets.

Shopping Guide

Athens features many commercial markets. Will buy from the center of traditional clothes, sandals and jewelry at very good prices. Especially memorabilia, such as miniatures with the traditional Tsolia, antiques and traditional clothing. Those still interested in famous houses and stores that faithfully follow the latest fashion, in the suburbs of Glyfada, kifissia of Athens and you will be completely satisfied with the products and service. The big shops with parking remain open daily and on Saturdays until late. Interesting note and outlet shops stock products with brands at great prices.


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