Amman (known in antiquity as Filadelfeia) is the largest city and the capital of Jordan, the extent of which spreads over an area of 7 hills, between the desert and the fertile valley of the River Jordan. Amman is a major financial center and headquarters for the usual offices of multinational companies and is a major tourist destination, being one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The rich history and the Arab charm is felt in every corner of the main feature, with the white houses cascading with local stone, in accordance with municipal law, which have yielded the name "White City".Meanwhile, Amman, as a genuine city of contrasts, impresses with its ultra-modern hotels, nightclubs and stores, which co-exist with the traditional character.


Roman Theatre: Amman's Roman Theatre is one of the most impressive monuments of the ancient city of Philadelphia. the theatre was built during the reign of the Roman emperor Antoninus Pius (138-161 ad) and has a capacity of 6000 individuals. still used for sporting and cultural events.

Acropolis (Jabal al-Qal'a): On Citadel of Amman, which is located in the city centre, are monuments of Roman, Byzantine and Islamic origin. specifically, you can see the Temple of Hercules from the Roman period, Byzantine Church of 5th-6th century and the Ummayad Palace, which offers a stunning view of the city.

The King Abdullah mosque: built between 1982-1986 and is a typical example of modern Islamic architecture. Covered by a wonderful Blue Dome while a prayer space for about 3,000 Muslims.


Archaeological museum.  Υou'll find in the Citadel of Amman and houses archaeological finds from all over the country. Among the exhibits you'll see an amazing coin and jewelry collection, the plaster sculptures "Aϊn Gkazal" dating back to 6000 BC, as well as the manuscripts of the dead sea in the aramaiki script.

Ethnological Museum: The Ethnological Museum is located in the West Wing of the Romain theatre and houses artifacts from everyday life in the 19th and 20th centuries, such as traditional costumes from different areas, collection of musical instruments, desert tent woven from goat wool etc.


In Amman you can move fairly cheap by taxi, and there is the choice of buses, which cover a good part of town. Alternatively, you can rent a car to navigate the city.


Amman offers a variety of accommodations that include economic choices up to luxurious hotels for all tastes.


During your stay in Amman, navigate the city with the main attractions being detected in the center of the Rainbow Street. walk with the graphics renovated houses and small shops, and don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the sunset from the Acropolis, at the time of the call for Muslim prayer. in parallel, don't forget to do  a brief excursion into the dead sea, where you can swim in water with 10 times more content than any other sea salts, which will allow you to floats even if you do not know swimming. In addition, the nightlife in Amman has grown significantly in recent years and particularly in the western part of the city you will find trendy nightclubs, restaurants and cafes. Interestingly and the Abdali area downtown, which transforms into a space for shopping, rides and amusements for tourists and locals.


Try local dishes accompanied by Arab pie, as well as the "mensaf, local specialty that consists of roast lamb with rice and nuts; you can accompany your meal with a traditional drink arak of locals. Also don't forget the syrupy with plenty of peanut like koynafa or kioynefe, as well as the well-known Arabic coffee, flavored with cardamom.

Shopping Guide

Amman offers many opportunities to make your shopping that vary from traditional Arab markets (Souks) and outdoor bazaars to modern supermarkets. The most important areas to make your purchases is the traditional Balad, the flea market in Abdali, City Mall that hosts all the well-known brands, Rainbow Steet and the Wakalat Street that includes large well-known stores. In addition, it is worth a visit in the Gold Souk of Amman that is proposed for the purchase of gold and jewellery at affordable prices.


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