Alexandria is Egypt's largest port and  economic and tourist center of the country. It was founded in 331 b.c. from Alexander the Great and it experienced times of great glory during the Greek-Roman period, being the Egyptian capital for a Millennium until the Arab invasion and conquest.The rich history of the city was sketched by great personalities such as Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, and of his creations Costantinou Cavafy and Penelope Delta. Alexandria was the cradle of civilization and knowledge with the famous library of Alexandria, the most important library of antiquity, while it was known abroad Center with significant presence and community ebraikis. The mediterranean style meets the Oriental culture and Alexandria, retaining its charm, it offers unsurpassed pictures and magic atmosphere to visitors.

Historical Sights

The catacombs of Kom Ash Shuqqafa is the largest Roman Cemetery of Egypt and is an important archaeological area. The Alexandrian tombs, statues and architecture presentes blend of Roman, Greek and Egyptian influences, while the space is structured in 3 levels built from rock, dating from the 2nd century a.d.

The New Alexandrian library is trying to revive the greatness of the ancient library of Alexandria. Completed in 2002 near where the ancient library was and  is a magnificent architectural achievement. The hosted art exhibitions, maintenance script workshop, Planetarium and 3 museums.

The fortress of Sultan Bey is Kite's point was with the ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria, before collapsing from the earthquakes that happened at the region in 1303 and 1323. Includes Naval Museum and mosque, while offering superb views of the city and the harbor.

The House of Constantine Cavafis: The home of the great writer has been converted into a Museum, which hosted part of the bibliotheque and translations of his work into over 20 languages.


National Museum of Alexandria: The Alexandria's most important Museum of history, which includes over 1,800 artifacts from the period of the Pharaohs, Greco-Roman and Islamic period.

Museum of fine arts: The permanent collection includes over 1500 statues, photos and exhibits on architecture, by modern Egyptians and foreign artists. In addition, hosting popular Mediterranean art report every 2 years.

Transportations: To your movements at Alexandria you can use taxis, which are a fairly economical solution. Nevertheless, it is customary to use a taximeter so recommended to agree price in advance with the driver. There are also trams and buses, but which are less manageable.

Hotels: Alexandria offers a wide range of hotels at a great price range and each visitor can find what fits.

Enjoyment: Alexandria is famous for its Mediterranean coasts, in which deserves to enjoy your ride, but also to try out various water sports. In addition, wander in the Montazah Royal gardens and visit some of the city's mosques. As far as nightlife, the big hotels offer options for your enjoyment close to Western standards, while you can visit one of the centers with belly dance performances.

Flavors of Alexandria: It is widely known for its fresh seafood, as well as various dishes from the Egyptian cuisine. Specifically, try the koshari, a dish with rice, lentils and spaggetti, fried Falafel, the popular dish with Fava ful medames, the syrup sweet like the basbousa konafa, and coffee with cardamom.

Shopping Guide: Alexandria has the typical outdoor Arab markets, known as souks, where you can find a wealth of commemorative and traditional items. The deal price is commonplace and will ensure you significant price reductions on the products you choose. In addition, if you like antiques, don't miss a trip to the flea market "Attarine" of Alexandria.


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