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Travel guide publisher Lonely Planet has released its annual list of the best places to visit in Europe, this year opting for a mix of the usual suspects (Venice, the Dordogne) and a scattering of off-the-beaten track places such as the Dutch island of Texel.Topping the list is the Peloponnese, a region often overlooked by travellers to Greece, who tend to visit the islands or build a sightseeing trip around A

TripAdvisor has announced its list with the most beautiful islands in the world for 2016.

Dreaming of a sojourn on a Mediterranean island?You could join the rush to big and bustling Sicily,Sardinia,Crete or Capri.This is the article of The New Zealand Herald by Pam Nevville ,that choose the 3 Greek islands (Kastellorizo,Symi and Thassos),the three big secrets that you should visit and discover....Kastellorizo is the most remote of the Greek Dodecanese Islands.It's much closer to Turkey than to Grrece.The town of Kos ,in Asiatic Turkey ,is a couple of kilometres away,whereas the closest Greek territory is the large island of Rhodes ,100km to the east.Ferries run from both places

Islands fill seven of the top ten destinations in Europe including lesser-known spots of Ios,Hydra and Folegandros.Holiday islands of Greece have been voted the best destinations in Europe.Hotel search site Trivago looked at reviews left by 140million holidaymakers from around world on 200 booking sites.It complied a top 30 from average ratings for hotels on the Canaries,Madeira and the Mediterranean islands.Santorini,Myconos,Naxos and Paros also made the top ten.Italy's best ranked was Capri in fourth and Lipari at nine,while Spain's in 13

The Route is interpreted by CNN.-London to New York city by car?

You probably have heard or visited many Greek islands, but do you know how these islands took their name? Some were named after a local hero or god, while other names have a short story behind. Here is an article on how the most important Greek islands took their name.

Santorini (Thira)

This official name of Santorini is Thira. This name comes from the ancient Spartan Thiran who first colonized the island. The name Santorini, which is today the most commonly used, was given to the island in the Medieval Ages from a small chapel of Saint Irene that existed there.

Modern busy world makes us travel around the world for various purposes, on business or just for fun. Anyway the process of packing necessary things and making all the preparation is a real challenge. The day of departure is always hustling and fussy. Sometimes it is just impossible to bear in mind all the stuff, and you inevitably forget to do something. That`s why I find it important to start your preparations the day before. Read this list of important things, which you are to do a day before you close the front door behind you.

If this is the first time you read or hear something about a Touch Museum in Greece, do not worry you are not the only one.

Some of the most clear and photographed beaches in the world by tripadvisor


Greece is among the world’s top holiday destinations and there are so many reasons why this amazing country should become your all-year-long paradise! These next 5 words can describe Greece and it’s culture perfectly...

1. Diversity

Usually the prices are more favourable when booking through a local agency, but the major advantage is, that the local agent is present when a problem arises.

As movie-lovers and on the occasion of the film "Before Midnight" with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, which was shot last year in Messinia, we recalled eight other films have been shot in our country.


Greek islands have again been placed among the world’s top destinations, according to the results of the Travel + Leisure annual poll “World’s Best Awards 2014", AMNA reported.

You take the subway-green line to Pireus.The train have schedules every 3minutes from 05.30am-24.00.

The duration from Omonia square to Pireus port is 20minutes. Ticket price is 1,20€ and you buy it at the stations.

Opposite the train station in Pireus are the gates E6-E7. From these gates are leaving all the boats to Cyclades Islands.

All the other gates are located nearby.

You must be at the boat 30minutes before departure.

Have a nice trip.


Traveling only with one hand luggage is now very fashionable, not only for the low cost airlines, but for all of them. The new fare classes with absence of luggage are chosen by more and more people, who prefer thinking more abstract and avoid taking with them their entire wardrobe, saving in this way quite a few money .

“Skopelos has nearly everything a visitor to Greece could ask for,” says the columnist.

In a feature article that praises the Greek island of Skopelos, Oliver Smith, a columnist of the British Telegraph newspaper, states that Skopelos has nearly everything a visitor to Greece could ask for, including “authentic hilltop towns, empty beaches, and characterful tavernas.”

220 V (an adapter may be needed for most visitors).

Navagio has been called the prettiest beach in all of Greece, which, if we can all agree is one of the prettiest places in all the world, then this beach is the prettiest beach in the whole wide world. Logic works for us. And so do these pics. Like seriously?

We are often tempted to buy a cheap airline ticket, from a "low cost" airline, considering that we have made the best choice for our pocket. Later, however, we face unexpected surprises!

Below, a slight moving tide deposited perfectly sculpted ripples in the sand. They danced and glistened as sunlight refracted. The turquoise bay was so clear that boats appeared to be suspended in air.

In that moment, floating off Voutoumi Bay on Anti-Paxos, the smallest isle in Greece’s Ionian group, I’d found my idea of paradise.

Two weeks into our sailing trip through the Ionian archipelago, I was perplexed when my mother innocently asked: “When will we get to the real Greek islands?”

Sometimes you may find yourself with a long layover at the Athens airport, or traveling from Athens to an island and wanting to lighten up your load. Two good left luggage options in Athens, one downtown and one at the airport can be found here:

World Heritage Committee, better known as UNESCO, through the World Heritage Program aimes at cataloging, naming and maintenance fields of great cultural or natural importance to the cultural heritage of humanity. Since 1972 when the program started, the list has 911 selected monuments and sites. These include 704 cultural, 180 natural and 27 mixed sites in 151 countries. Since 2010, the World Heritage Convention is ratified by 187 states. The first Greek recording was made in 1986 and then followed 16 more.

Telegraph newspaper presents the best markets around the world, from Barcelona’s Boqueria to the antique markets of Rio. Greece makes an entry among the best markets with the Central Market and Monastriki Flea Market in Athens. As the British newspaper mentions the 19th century, iron-and-glass Central Market (Sofokleous and Evripidou) near Omonia must be visited. Stallholders vie for shoppers’ attention between mounds of silver-scaled fish, blood-splattered carcasses, and piles of rosy apples and dried figs.

Both these companies are owned by the state. Tickets are sold almost exclusively through publicly owned outlets. On the following web sites you may find further information:

Bus service:

Train service: &

The visitor said <<I was thrilled and delighted with the clear water and pink sand at Elafonissi Beach.Sure,there are hundreds of people

there enjoying it just as much as I was but just ignore all that,or people watch!Really fantastic organisation to protect the beach and

provide rustic changing rooms and food and drink at the back of the beach.......>>

Elafonissi beach is a beautiful place to visit.Clean,pretty and quite windy.Located on the northern side of Crete,after the mountain roads,

with great views and pure magic.

Visiting European capitals without visiting at least one museum is not wize. Those who are not touched at all and think museums as an unnecessary expense can go to one of the many with free entrance. No one travels every day in Paris, Madrid and Amsterdam and the experience of visiting such a city must be complete. So these are the 10 free museums selected by the Guardian.

Mykonos, Santorini, Crete... been there, done that. But if you're looking for a fresh, unspoiled island to explore, let us introduce you to Aegina.

Aegina Island is located in the Saronic Gulf, about 17 nautical miles from Athens. It's home to ancient ruins (including the famous Temple of Aphaia), stunning beaches, charming waterfront villages and harbors.

Bonus: Aegina town was briefly the capital of Greece.

So, let's head to Aegina, shall we?



When exiting Athens Airport you will find taxis waiting between Exit 2 and Exit 3 at the arrival level. You should get in the queue and when your turn comes, the policeman in charge for the queue will signal you to get into the next available taxi. The fare from Athens airport to Athens centre is fixed:

- Day time (05:00-24:00)    35 €
- Night time (24:00-05:00) 50 €

Do your travel ambitions eclipse your bank account? We've got just the fix: destinations around the world that offer plenty of cheap ways to stay, play, and eat. Whether you're on the prowl for a perfect beach or a city bursting with culture, these cities and countries deliver big but cost little. Not all of them will stay cheap in the years to come, though, so if you're inspired to go, do it soon.


Domestic and International airfare: age groups entitled to discounts are children under the age of 12

Domestic ferries: age groups entitled to discounts are children from age 4-10. Children under 4 are free of charge, when not occupying a bed in a cabin.

Domestic hydrofoils/catamarans: age groups entitled to discounts are children from age 4 to 10. Children under 4 are free of charge, when not occupying a seat.

The island of Crete and its friendly people welcomes you and wish you a wonderful stay!!!!Whether your visit is for relaxation or to explore and discover the many hidden treasures of the island,you will not be disappointed by the diversity of the landscape,the rugged mountains,the endless beaches with the turquoise seas and with the many cities,towns and villages.Live the essence and the heartbeat of the island and discover the island you will never forget!!!

Top Ten Sightseeing in Crete

1.Knossos Palace - Ancient Knossos

Although the phrase "lone traveler" sounds a little ... lonely, there are times that a trip just with ourselves seems the perfect choice! This of course is a whole new life experience that requires specific planning.

However, "lone travelers" are not so alone after all. Modern living conditions have changed the latest trends in recent years, creating this new market that is specialized to single travelers.

Deep-sea diving is nowadays one of the most fascinating sea sports. Whole realms open up in the silence of the deep. The sea is an exciting world, full of mystery yet with sparkle. The brilliant colours on the seabed, the diversity of the sea creatures, the stunning underwater seascapes await discovery by explorers within this vast blue environment.

You don't have to get on a ferry boat to the Greek islands to enjoy swimming in the Aegean Sea. Athens has a string of beaches which begins in Pireaus, known as The Apollo Coast and like any city the further you get out of town the better the beaches are.

Festival of snow and ice sculpture, Bruges, Belgium

The global museum list by Tripadvisor was released on Tuesday last week.It ranks 25 of the world's best museums based on an algorithm that factors in the quality and quantity of reviews over a year period.The results are sometimes surprising.The Louvre,the world's most visited museum ,comes in at nr.19 on the global list,behind lesser-known museums such as Stockholm's Vasa Museum(nr.13).The Museum of Acropolis was ranked at number 8.Opened in 2009 the Acropolis Museum showcases about 4000 objects from the Acropolis.The overall 25.000 square meter building was designed by the architects Bern

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