Kos is the island of the father of medicine Hippocrates. the city of Kos is an open Archaeological Park that harmoniously co-exist with modern aesthetics and vivid rhythms of touristic development. the capital of Kos has one of the first municipal marinas in Greece, aimed at providing high quality docking services. Kos, as the unique downtown area featuring organized Marina has the advantage over the other islandsbut Turkey's potential and, due to Greece's participation in the EU.

Access to the port of Kos

to move within the island there are city buses to within of the city, while the surrounding areas cover the KTEL Kos. information about the itineraries of KTEL of Kos briskete in phone 22420-22292. And with taxi you can exypiretitheite from the port of Kos in phone 22420-22777 and 22420-23333.

Day from the port of Kos 

From the port of Kos depart daily class for Piraeus with Blue Star Ferries that Daily Kos; and with the other islands of Dodekanisa with ships of the Blue Star Ferries and Dodekanisos Seaways.

Book the ferry tickets to and from Kos

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