The new port of Igoumenitsa was inaugurated on 19 September 2003. Located on the South side of land-based port area, outside the urban fabric of the city and next to the municipal district of Ladochwrioy. As one of the most important transport hubs in Western Greece, the port of Igoumenitsa connects with Brindisi, Bari, Ancona and Venice, while in the territory of the country is connected with Patras, Corfu, Kefallonia and Paxos. For information on arrivals and departures you can communicate with the phone port 26650-99300.

Access to the port of Igoumenitsa

By road: Via Egnatia Odos (E90) Via E.o. Igoumenitsa-Ioannina-Metsovo-Trikalon with code number r-90/r-92 for E.o. Igoumenitsa-Ioannina and with e-92 for the Department from Ioannina to the limits of the prefectures Ioannina-Trikala. Through the national road Igoumenitsa – Preveza with code number E55. For services performed through the KTEL Thesprotia Prefecture (Tel.): + 30 26650 23710-22309.

Departures from the port of Igoumenitsa

Daily-frequent departures to Corfu. Daily departures for Patras, Bari, Brindisi, Ancona, and Venice with corporations, Minoan Lines, Superfast Ferries and Superfast Anek-Consortium.

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