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What are your rights and everything you need to know about the "fine print" of your travel arrangements.

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Traveller visa information:    In many countries of the world there is an entry permit (Visa) required for your entry.    The visa  is the responsibility of each passenger.    For countries outside the EU, we recommend contacting the respective... read more
Passenger rights when travelling by planeWhen traveling by plane you should be informed of the following:-If you have a ticket, arrive at the airport at the designated time and perform your check-in early, but the airline ( if it belongs to a EU country) does not allow you to board the flight, due... read more
Please find below the payment information options that are offered by Champion Travel.Deposit accountsin the name of Barbara Christodoulou and  SIA EEEurobank 00260180960200572478                 IBAN GR9602601800000960200572478Piraeus Bank... read more
Information for booking and issuing airline tickets1. How can I choose flights and for which destinations?Enter your choice in the search engine for a one-way ticket or a return ticket  and wait for the results.You can select any destination worldwide.There is the possibility to see flight... read more
General information about hotel reservations1. How do I book a room?Select the city that you are visiting, the date of arrival and departure, number of persons per room and number of rooms.Press "search".A list of various hotels is displayed on your screen.Click on the hotel name to see... read more
General information about the issue of ferry tickets1.Do I need a travel document (identity) to board the ship?Usually the port authorities do not control the personal documents of passengers.However, it would be good to carry your identity with you.2. Can I buy my ticket at the entrance of the... read more
Travel insurance from AirChampion24. com and AIG 1. How do I purchase travel insurance? Follow the steps in the proposal of our page.2. How do I pay?With your credit card (we accept Visa or Mastercard).3. Who can purchase travel insurance?Only those who reside permanently... read more

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