Fast Ferries

Fast Ferries company offers its services to Greek passengers since 1989. In 2007 launched the passenger-ferry THEOLOGOS p and in 2012 the AIKATERINI P. Fast Ferries runs daily routes from Rafina to Andros-tinos and Mykonos.

Ticket regulations with the Fast Ferries 

  -Fast Ferries offers 30% discount on return fares on passenger tickets and one-day trips in vehicles. the offer is valid if the transition and return tickets are issued at the same time via the online reservation system of our company.
  -30% discount on return fares on passenger and vehicle fares for all routes within cyclades islands regardless of the day of return.
  -50% discount to retired NAT.
  -50% discount for large families.
  -30% discount for families with 3 children.
  -25% discount to students,
  -50% discount for children 5-10 years old.
  -100% discount for children up to 5years old.
  -50% discount for persons with disabilities.

Book your tickets with Fast Ferries offers tickets with Fast Ferries for all departures to Cyclades islands.You can easily browse and choose your ferry route that it serves, easily and instantly. The booking takes place in real time using your credit card or by making a booking with the help of the staff of ticket is printed and received either from our offices or directly from the port of departure, simply by using the booking reference sent to your email address.


Book your tickets here or contact us at +30 210 5234777


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