Anek Lines

The company was founded in 1967 with main shareholders ordinary Cretans. is the first Greek company folk contract. ANEK LINES fleet consist of 10 privately-owned ships, which are the LATO, ELYROS, ELEFTHERIOS VENIZELOS, OLYMPIC CHAMPION, HELLENIC SPIRIT, LEFKA ORI, SOFOKLIS b, CRETE, CRETE II and j PREVELIS.

ANEK LINES has daily departures from Piraeus to Chania. In collaboration with the company Superfast Ferries has daily departures from Piraeus to Heraklion  Crete.
ANEK LINES departes also from the port of Patras and Igoumenitsa to Ancona and Venice.

Ticket regulations with ANEK LINES

  -Children up to 4 years free of charge in economy class, without the right to a bed, with necessary the booking and issue a ticket with zero fare. 50% discount on all cabin categories except LUX class.
  - Children from 4 to 10 years old 50% discount in all positions.
  - 50% discount for students-AEI TEI, AEN, Military schools.
  -20% discount for private cars and bicycles to students, since the surname indicated in the authorisation coincided with the last name of the student or the student's mother's surname.
  -50% discount for the Gunners (Soldiers, Sailors, Sminites)
  -20% Discount on Return Fares for passengers and their vehicles (excluding buses and trucks). For the granting of the discount is necessary the simultaneous transition & return tickets.
  -30% discount for passengers and their vehicles, issued by domestic and Row tickets at Venice
  -50% discount for National Resistance  The discount is granted to persons over 80 years of age with special identity card demonstration which will prove their status. Specifically, an official certificate Ethnikis Antistasis recognized by the Ministry of the military or diploma of national resistance.
  -50% discount for pensioners NAT.
  -20% discount for holders of social tourism vouchers Working Fireplace/OGA. Valid all year except July & August. For the granting of the discount shall be subject to the presentation of social tourism Vouchers.
  -50% discount on the fare of the second bed diklinis cabin for exclusive use.
  -50% discount for the Disabled with disability rate of over 80%, blinds, these attendants.The discount is valid for private cars, which have been declared invalid.
  - 50% discount for the disabled war and their attendants (if accompanying Disabled war) applies to their cars with special signs war invalids.
  -3 + 1 Free Issued 1 ticket free in 4 berth cabin. A prerequisite for the granting of the discount is to travel 4 people in the same 4 berth cabin with single reservation code. The 4th ticket granted free where two tickets are issued with full fare. In the event that other passengers are entitled to a discount, free ticket given to him with the greatest discount. If a passenger is entitled to discount, free ticket issued to him.
  -Applies the discount 20% return in undamaged tickets.
  -Parents with 3 children discount 20% return in undamaged tickets.
  -Parents with 3 children discount 50% financial position (DECK) & air seats. 30% in all categories except LUX cabins. 20% in IX & MOTO. 50% discount for large families and 20% for their private cars.

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