Aegean Speed Lines

Aegean Speed Lines company ownership of the Group began attending Eugenides in Greek seas in 2005, with high-speed SPEEDRUNNER II, III and IV. 

Aegean Speed Lines itineraries from the port of Piraeus to the Islands, Serifos, Sifnos, Milos.  The departures are exiting E9.

Regulations for the tickets of the Aegean Speed Lines 

  -in accordance with the regulations of shipping company Aegean Speed Lines, in all services, children aged up to 5 years old are entitled to a 100% discount only in Economy seats, while children aged 5 to 10 years are entitled to 50% discount.
  -Students, soldiers-sailors-sminites eligible for 35% discount.
  -The families with many children, people with disabilities,disability percentage (over 80%), pensioners are entitled to a DISABLED NAT, IX 50% discount.
  -holders of small CARS up to 3.50 m are entitled to 30% discount.  
  -Cancellations permitted cancellation 100% on tickets to 14imeres prior to departure.
  - allowed canceling 75% on tickets until 7days prior to departure.
  - allowed cancellation of 50% on tickets to 12 hours before departure. 

Book your tickets with Aegean Speed Lines offers tickets with Aegean Speed Lines for all departures to Serifos, Sifnos  and Milos.You can easily browse and choose your ferry route that it serves, easily and instantly. The booking takes place in real time using your credit card or by making a booking with the help of the staff of ticket is printed and received either from our offices or directly from the port of departure, simply by using the booking reference sent to your email address.


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