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Visa info

Traveller visa information:

  •     In many countries of the world there is an entry permit (Visa) required for your entry.
  •     The visa  is the responsibility of each passenger.
  •     For countries outside the EU, we recommend contacting the respective consular authorities before making your journey.
  •     Attention! When there is a connecting flight, visa is required not only for the country of destination but the country of intermediate station as well.
  •     Attention! information for travel documents sometimes change from the consular offices.

Passenger rights

Passenger rights when travelling by plane

When traveling by plane you should be informed of the following:

-If you have a ticket, arrive at the airport at the designated time and perform your check-in early, but the airline ( if it belongs to a EU country) does not allow you to board the flight, due to the release of surplus tickets or the replacement of the aircraft with a smaller one, you are entitled to: 

  • a  compensation from 250 € to 600 € depending on the mileage of your flight or
  • choose between a refund of the price of the flight or a ticket for an alternative flight
  • to stay in a hotel with meals and refreshments paid.

If the flight is cancelled by  the airline you are entitled to:

  • Compensation in accordance with the amounts mentioned above, unless you had been  promptly informed before the trip(two weeks earlier) or  you were given the possibility of an alternative transportation to your destination 1 to 2 weeks prior to your trip, with a difference of less than 2 hours from the scheduled flight ,or, in case you were informed less than a week before your trip but your flight departed less than 1 hour earlier/later compared to your original flight.
  • To stay in a hotel with paid meals and refreshments if there is a mandatory overnight stay.

If the flight is delayed longer:

  • than 2 hours for all flights up to 1,500 km
  • than 3 hours for flights within the EU of more than 1500 km and up to 3,500 km for all destinations
  • than 4 hours for all other flights

then you have the right:

  • To stay at a hotel (overnight stay) with paid transfers from and to the airport as well as  paid meals and refreshments.

If your luggage is lost or damaged on a plane trip you are entitled to:

  • A compensation of 36,38 € per kilo for trips abroad and 11,73 € per kilo for domestic flights, depending on the weight of your luggage, which is noted on special paper affixed to the ticket.
  • If the contents of your luggage have a great value it is better and safer to register them before you travel, so that in case of loss or damage you can be compensated accordingly.

If you  have an accident  during the flight you are entitled to:

  • A full compensation from the airline, no matter the place, where the accident occurred.
  • Advances of funds (within 15 days – not below of 20,000 € per passenger in the event of death) in order to cover any costs that may arise.
  • If the damage was caused entirely or in part by  negligence of the passenger, the airline may limit or not accept any   liability.
Source: Hellenic Association Of Consumers


Payment methods

Please find below the payment information options that are offered by Champion Travel.

Deposit accounts

in the name of Barbara Christodoulou and  SIA EE

Eurobank 00260180960200572478

                 IBAN GR9602601800000960200572478

Piraeus Bank 6744114759768

                 IBAN GR5201717440006744114759768

ALPHA BANK  104002320007455

                      IBAN GR9801401040104002320007455

National Bank Of Greece 12944090864

                     IBAN GR70 01101290000012944090864 

Please, always include the passenger's name and the reservation number for your booking.

The payable sum does not include bank fees.

Attention:  Using the payment system of DIAS or an interbanking wire transfer could lead to your booking being cancelled as the process requires at least a day to be completed.

Flight bookings FAQ

Information for booking and issuing airline tickets

1. How can I choose flights and for which destinations?

Enter your choice in the search engine for a one-way ticket or a return ticket  and wait for the results.
You can select any destination worldwide.
There is the possibility to see flight information and buy airline tickets with most airlines in the world.

2. How many passengers are allowed per reservation and of which age groups?

In the same booking you can  purchase tickets for up to 8 people.
The age categories of passengers are:
-Passengers over 12 years old are adults.
-Passengers 2-12 years old children and have a place on the plane.
-Passengers 0-2 years are infants and can travel without a seat.

Many flights do not have discounts and special rates for infants and children.
In these cases, the prices are the same as with adults.

3. What is the option +/-3 days?

Selecting this option will show the cheapest options for a period of 7 days from the date of departure.

4. How do I know that my reservation is valid?

After the end of the booking process you will receive an e-mail with all the information and the details of your reservation.
This e-mail contains the reservation code and the number of your electronic ticket.
If after 30 minutes from the time that you have completed the booking you do not receive an  e-mail, don't worry call us on the phone , give us your name and we will find your booking and resend the e-mail.

5. Do I have to confirm the departure time of my flight?

It would be good to confirm the departure time, one day before your trip, by contacting our office or the airline at the airport.
When the airline informs our Office's reservation system,
we immediately send you notification by e-mail.

6. Can I buy a ticket for someone else  with my card?

You can. Just  send us an e-mail at or a  fax at + 30 210-5235032 with a copy of your credit card, copy of the card holder's passport or ID number and a text that allows our Office to charge  the ticket price on the card.

7. Can I cancel or change the ticket that I bought?

Before you buy a plane ticket it is advisable to read carefully the terms.
There are flights that do not change and cannot be cancelled.
When the purchased ticket fare allows change or cancellation, please contact our office by phone or  send us an e-mail by filling in the relative form.
Our Office charges 10 euros for each change or cancellation you make, in addition to the airline fees.
In special cases (health issues), we always try not to lose the money you paid.
In case of a cancellation we return your money in  the same way that you pad (credit card, bank account,cash).

8. can become a name change on a ticket?

The flights are not inherited. After issuing the ticket can not be no name change.
The time that you book the buy plane ticket, you must correctly enter the names of the people who travel.

9. How do I get my ticket and what should I do if I lose it?

Your ticket is your e-mail and sent by e-mail. At the airport you only need your travel document (a Passport identity) and you can go straight to the check-in of the airline.
If youlose the email you or you haven't  printed your ticket, please contact us by telephone and we will send it to you again.

10.Can someone else use  my e-ticket?

Electronic air tickets have a unique number for each passenger; it is impossible to use the same ticket for another passenger.

11. Can I get an invoice for my ticket?

Yes you can request an invoice when you fill in the passenger details.
The invoice will be sent electronically by e-mail.

12. How long in advance do I have to be at the airport, what documents should I have with me and what is the baggage allowance for my ticket?

You must be at the airport 2 hours before the departure of the flight if you are travelling abroad and 1 hour before the departure of the flightfor domestic flights.
If you are travelling within the European Union you will need your ID indicating your name in Latin characters.
If you are travelling outside the European Union you need a passport, an entry permit (Visa), and perhaps  a return ticket as well.
In the paragraph check my trip youcan  find all this information.
With the end of the reservation you will receive an email with the details of your trip
as well as your baggage allowance. 

Airlines usually allow for  1 hand luggage up to 7kgs and one luggage up to 20 kgs.

Bon voyage

Hotel reservations FAQ

General information about hotel reservations

1. How do I book a room?

Select the city that you are visiting, the date of arrival and departure, number of persons per room and number of rooms.
Press "search".
A list of various hotels is displayed on your screen.
Click on the hotel name to see information about it.
The hotels that appear at the top of the list are the available ones.
Choose the type of room you are interested in and press "Book".
You will be immediately taken to the reservation form. You must read  the
information and conditions for the booking you just made carefully.
Fill in the empty fields with the names and your e-mail.
Press "Book." The system automatically displays the number of your reservation code and immediately sends you an e-mail with all the details of the reservation.

2. What credit cards do you accept?

The credit cards we accept are Visa and Mastercard, credit, or debit.

3. Can I pay by other means?

Yes you can deposit into a bank account and inform us by phone for when the payment is completed.

4. How is my reservation  confirmed?

The email you receive at the end of the booking process  is the confirmation. Don't wait some confirmation from the hotel.
The hotel is  updated automatically on your reservation and in 48 hours at most
it receives your name and personal details.
In case you haven't received the e-mail with the confirmation in 30 minutes after the end of the reservation, contact us by telephone in our office.

5. How do I cancel a hotel reservation?

The conditions of cancellation of the hotel appear in the last step of the process just before you enter your details.
In the confirmation e-mail you receive  the conditions in case of cancellation.
Caution. There are many cases when hotels have special offers that don't allow cancellation.
Hotels generally allow cancellation and charge the first night as a cancellation fee.
To cancel a hotel reservation,  press "cancel booking" on the first page.
The money should be returned, immediately and with the way you paid (credit card or via bank).

6. I'm looking for a hotel in Paris. How will you help me?

Call the customer service of our Office and we will do the search you need. Our employees are at your disposal for anything you may need.

7. Are there discounts for children?

In most hotels there are discounts for children up to 12 years old.
There are hotels that offer free accommodation for the first child up to 12 years old. You can find all the relevant information in the page of the hotel.
When you make a reservation, select the room and indicate exactly the number of children and their age.

8. Does my hotel offer breakfast?

Most hotels offer breakfast in the room rate.
You can check this at the hotel's information page the or next to
the room type you have selected.
The breakfast offered in hotels is the continental
 that usually includes cold dishes with bread-butter-jam-honey-cheese-ham-croissant-sweets-coffee-tea and juices.
The english breakfast is the  breakfast with all of the above and in addition cereal, eggs, bacon, fruit and yogurt.
The American breakfast includes all of  the above and
fresh juices, sausages, baked potatoes, omelettes.

Ferry tickets

General information about the issue of ferry tickets

1.Do I need a travel document (identity) to board the ship?

Usually the port authorities do not control the personal documents of passengers.
However, it would be good to carry your identity with you.

2. Can I buy my ticket at the entrance of the ship?

When entering the ship you must already have a ticket.
You are not allowed to board the ship without a ticket.

3. Are there any electronic tickets?

No there are not.All ferry tickets are printed currenty.

4. There is a mistake in my name on or the on my vehicle plates.
Will I encounter any problems when boarding the ship?

The Port authorities that control the tickets upon boarding, do not create any
issues in this case.
What interests them is the date and time listed in

5. What are the age groups of passengers?

Most shipping companies have their own regulations for
ticket fares.
-Adults are all passengers over 10 years.
-Children are all passengers 5-10 years.
-All passengers are considered Infants if they are less than 5 years old.

6. Are there any discounts for infants and children?

Most shipping companies provide 100% discount in infants and
50% discount for children.
All passengers, including infants who do not pay must have a

7. What are the steps for booking ferry tickets?

1st step 

Select route.
Select the type of the ticket ( simple or return) and then select
the port of departure, the port of arrival, number of passengers and vehicles.
If you are traveling with infants and children include them in the total number of passengers, even if they don't pay.
Then select dates and itinerary.

2nd step

Choosing your seats.
Select the gender and age category of passengers (adults-infants-kids) and the category of position. If you have a vehicle, choose the category of
vehicle and write the registration number.

3rd step

Reservation and  pricing.
At this point you can see the costs for everything separately and the total

4th step

Fill in the surname and the first letter of the first name of each passenger as well as the nationality when prompted.

5th step

Contact details.
Carefully fill in all the fields and choose the way of receiving your tickets. Tap the icon on the "book now" button and fill in your credit card information. We only accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

6th step

Completion of the reservation.
After the successful completion of your booking, you will  receive a page with all
the details of the reservation, the reservation number and the total amount charged to your card.
Your ferry tickets are ready and you will receive them either from our Office, or they will be sent by courier to the address you have indicated (for an extra charge).

8. When do you charge my card?

Your credit card is automatically charged upon reservation.

9. When should I be at the port?

You must be at the port at least one hour before departure.

10. How do I know that my reservation was completed correctly?

With the completion of a successful reservation, you will receive an  e-mail confirmation with a reservation code, the details of the service and the total cost.
In case you do not receive this email please contact our Office.

11. How many passengers and how many cars fit in one booking?

Up to 9 passengers and 2 vehicles in each booking.

12. Do I have to confirm the departure time of the ship?

It would be good to do so one day before your departure.
Lately many shipping companies  inform their passengers directly about time changes, strikes, prohibitive departures due to bad weather, by sending SMS to their mobile phone which you should have indicated in your reservation

13. How do I cancel my ferry tickets?

To cancel your ferry tickets, you must first contact our Office.
Always follow the cancellation policy of each shipping company as in order to get your money back they must receive the printed tickets you have purchased.

14. Can I change my travel dates?

You always have the ability to change your ferry tickets, provided this is done before the departure date and time indicated on the tickets.
The change is only allowed if you are  travelling with the same ferry company.
In case of a change you should bring the tickets to our Office, or if you are outside Athens head to the local offices of the shipping company.

15. Can I make my tickets open, rather than cancel?

Of course you can do it as long as it is in accordance with the regulations of the company. To make off your tickets open , you need to visit our Office with the tickets or if you are outside Athens to head directly to the local offices of the shipping company.

16. Can I upgrade my tickets to an upper class seat or a cabin?

Yes, by paying the price difference. This can be done at the reception of the ship after the departure as well.

17. If I lose my ticket, what can I do?

In case you lose your ferry ticket, you must issue a new one. You can inform the company on the loss of your ticket by sending them a letter and if by the end of that year it has not been used by someone else, then the ferry company will the money.

18. In case you miss the boat, what can you do?

In this case the regulation says that you've lost the ticket,too.
Always contact our Office, to strive for something better.

19. In case of cancellation,how do I get a refund?

In case of cancellation of operation by the naval company, you get the whole amount of the price of the ticket. To do this  you can either come to our Office with your ticket, or obtain the refund through the naval company.

20. Can I receive my ticket at the port?

Yes,from the booking office of the shipping company or the agent who represents the company in the  port.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance from AirChampion24. com and AIG


1. How do I purchase travel insurance? 
Follow the steps in the proposal of our page.

2. How do I pay?
With your credit card (we accept Visa or Mastercard).

3. Who can purchase travel insurance?
Only those who reside permanently in Greece.

4. If I have questions with the insurance policy, whom do I communicate with?
You can contact the customer service Department of AIG in
phone + 30 210-8127759 or call our Office.

5. When dοes my insurance coverage start and when does it end?
Your insurance coverage is valid according to the intervals you have
designated and have selected. This is confirmed by the policy when it issued.

6. Can I change the contract after the issue?
Yes you can. within 14 days of the issue of the insurance contract
You can make changes, after  contacting the Department of
AIG's customer service first and only if you have not made use of your insurance.

7. Are there any age limits on travel insurance?
Insured people must be up to 75 years. In the event that you have exceeded the age of
75 years, contact  the customer service Department of AIG.

8. What is the longest travel time?
The program of AIG Travel insurance valid for travel time up to
366 days (1 year).

9. With whom do I communicate with in the event of an incident?
The Management Department of medical events is at your disposal 24 hours a day.
You can contact the Customer Service Department of
AIG at 210-8127759 any time of the day.

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