Emirates Airlines is an airline based on the International Airport of Dubai.  The company was founded in 1985, has 120 destinations and the cabin crew in each flight is multinational and multilingual. Emirates is considered one of the best airlines of the world, with great evolution and very modern and new aircrafts. Emirates flies to more than 120 international destinations.

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With AirChampion24.com you can book your tickets fast and easy with Emirates. All Emirates flights appear according to the availability of seats in each flight. You can buy your airline tickets by AirChampion24.com with a few simple steps or  you can call us via phone. After completing the booking of your airline ticket you receive an email or sms with the number of the e-ticket and the information of your flight. At the airport you only need your traveling document and the e-ticket number to do  your check in and board your flight.

Emirates serves with flights to destinations in EuropeNorth and South America, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Pacific. Emirates aircraft landing St.PetersburgAthensAmsterdamBarcelonaWarsawGlasgowDublinCopenhagen,
IstanbulLarnacaLisbonLondon, LyonMadridManchester, Newcastle, PragueDusseldorfParisRomeStockholmBuenos AiresNew York, Dallas, Washington, Seattle, Rio de Janeiro, Amman, Baghdad, Damascus, Kuwait, Doha, Bahrain,Tehran, Cairo, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Lusaka, Nairobi, Lagos, Harare, Khartoum, Mauritius, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, BeijingShanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Karachi, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Maldives. From Athens depart daily direct flights with Emirates Dubai.


Hand luggage

For economy class you are entitled a hand luggage of 7 kilos 20Χ38Χ55. For business and first class you are entitled to two hand luggage 12 kilos each 45Χ35Χ20. The hand luggage should not contain any liquids.


To travel with Emirates the luggage allowed to carry for free depend on the destination and are counted either by kilos or by number of luggage. Before your departure check carefully the allowed luggage limit, depending also by the calls you have selected and by the member card skywards you may have.

  • Economy class passengers are allowed to carry luggage up to 30 kilos.
  • Business class passengers are allowed to carry luggage up to 40 kilos.
  • First class passengers are allowed to carry luggage up to 50 kilos.

For flights to North America the passengers of economy class travel with 2 luggage up to 23 kilos each and the passengers of the first or business class carry 2 luggage up to 32 kilos each.
For flights to South America all passengers carry 2 luggage up to 23 kilos each.

The allowed limits of carried luggage are subject to changes depending on the special fare for the ticket as well as the destination, so you must always read the specific luggage limits written in detail to your tickets. 

Emirates Check-in

Emirates passengers could web check-in 23 hours before the flight’s departure. To the check-in page enter the e-ticket number or the booking code, your name and then select a seat. Print the page and you are ready. If you have no luggage, head directly to the exit gate. If you have luggage head to the company’s Drop off luggage counter, give your luggage and then proceed to the exit gate. Emirates offers to all its passengers free tickets by spending miles of the Skyward card, cargo services, services for the electronic search of luggage, services for disabled persons, mothers with babies, pregnant women and children travelling alone. 

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