Travel only with hand luggage

Traveling only with one hand luggage is now very fashionable, not only for the low cost airlines, but for all of them. The new fare classes with absence of luggage are chosen by more and more people, who prefer thinking more abstract and avoid taking with them their entire wardrobe, saving in this way quite a few money .

Except for money you also save time, traveling only with one hand luggage. Using online check-in services  you go through the security check, saving hours of standby both in delivery and receipt of your luggage at the destination. Finally, a single suitcase and easier movement, important for those who have a second trip from their home to the airport.

Nevertheless it is not always easy to fit all the necessary in an 8-kilos handbag, especially for those who do not make a business trip but they are planning to stay for more than a week. So we gathered some tips to help you save money, time and forces:

Firstly you do not need the baggage weighing more than its contents. Many choose colorful, bulky, rigid luggage while the sac voyage can fit more things and it is easier to fit in the space above or below the seat.

Unfortunately you'll have to leave some things back. Think twice if you really need a second pair of shoes, the second coat.

Finally, try wear the most bulky clothing saving kilos off your luggage. But do not overdo it, of course, and walk in the summer dressed like onions.

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