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frequent questions on travel insurance in Greece and abroad

Travel insurance from AirChampion24. com and AIG


1. How do I purchase travel insurance? 
Follow the steps in the proposal of our page.

2. How do I pay?
With your credit card (we accept Visa or Mastercard).

3. Who can purchase travel insurance?
Only those who reside permanently in Greece.

4. If I have questions with the insurance policy, whom do I communicate with?
You can contact the customer service Department of AIG in
phone + 30 210-8127759 or call our Office.

5. When dοes my insurance coverage start and when does it end?
Your insurance coverage is valid according to the intervals you have
designated and have selected. This is confirmed by the policy when it issued.

6. Can I change the contract after the issue?
Yes you can. within 14 days of the issue of the insurance contract
You can make changes, after  contacting the Department of
AIG's customer service first and only if you have not made use of your insurance.

7. Are there any age limits on travel insurance?
Insured people must be up to 75 years. In the event that you have exceeded the age of
75 years, contact  the customer service Department of AIG.

8. What is the longest travel time?
The program of AIG Travel insurance valid for travel time up to
366 days (1 year).

9. With whom do I communicate with in the event of an incident?
The Management Department of medical events is at your disposal 24 hours a day.
You can contact the Customer Service Department of
AIG at 210-8127759 any time of the day.

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