Survival guide for lone travelers

Although the phrase "lone traveler" sounds a little ... lonely, there are times that a trip just with ourselves seems the perfect choice! This of course is a whole new life experience that requires specific planning.

However, "lone travelers" are not so alone after all. Modern living conditions have changed the latest trends in recent years, creating this new market that is specialized to single travelers.

A lonely journey is a life experience for sure. In such a trip you’ll have the opportunity to get to know yourself better and evolve your personality. Well, you may have to face various difficulties all by yourself or even feel lonesome from time to time, but traveling alone offers many advantages as well. Doing just your own program and having the absolute freedom of choice is something special, and if you are just a bit social, you’ll be surprised how easily you can find people you can talk with. You will realize very quickly how big is the percentage of people who choose to travel alone.

If you want to live this experience or you are already preparing your bags for a trip solo, then take a look at our tips and make your first step with enthusiasm and confidence.

  • The first and most basic thing, especially for those traveling alone for the first time is a good plan of your journey, ensuring two important factors: transport and accommodation.

  • Freedom of choice is indeed the best part of travelling alone, but you have to ensure at least your tickets and your staying. Issuing in advance these services not only will save you money but will also offer yourself safety, since your family and friends will know where you're about to go and which dates.

  • Knowing the address and phone number of the hotel you are going to stay and arranging in advance for your transfer to and from the airport, you get faster to your destination without stress.

  • Prefer flights that arrive early in the morning. It is more convenient to visit an unknown place during daylight and be able to find someone available to help with all the information needed.

  • Once you have reach your destination take your time and relax. Leave jewelries or other valuable belongings at the hotel and avoid provocative clothes. Remember that you need to keep up with the daily routine of the local community. In this way you won’t draw any attention and thus you will feel more secure.

  • The hard part about having the freedom of choice, is to make the right choices. This is the right time to listen to your instincts. Trust yourself and if you do not feel comfortable with something or somebody, try to avoid it.

  • Chose to walk back at the hotel before it’s too dark, otherwise call a taxi -especially at places that have higher crime rates. Remember that you are alone now and you need to learn to predict potential risks.

Basically, whatever we do in our daily life in order to minimize the risks is the same thing we should do in our lonely journey as well, except the fact that during a solo journey we just have to rely on our self.

In any case, whether you are a person who likes being alone or not, this way of traveling can offer you many unique experiences. Whether by choice or by necessity, the single travelers out there are increasing day by day. The question is: Would you dare to become a single traveller?

If you have an adventurous spirit who feel ready to live this unique experience, airchampion24 and champion-travel can make you the best proposals and offer you the best prices, with a guarantee of absolute security for your journey. You can call us on 210-5234777, we will be more than happy to help you!


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