Passenger rights

Passenger rights when travelling by plane

When traveling by plane you should be informed of the following:

-If you have a ticket, arrive at the airport at the designated time and perform your check-in early, but the airline ( if it belongs to a EU country) does not allow you to board the flight, due to the release of surplus tickets or the replacement of the aircraft with a smaller one, you are entitled to: 

  • a  compensation from 250 € to 600 € depending on the mileage of your flight or
  • choose between a refund of the price of the flight or a ticket for an alternative flight
  • to stay in a hotel with meals and refreshments paid.

If the flight is cancelled by  the airline you are entitled to:

  • Compensation in accordance with the amounts mentioned above, unless you had been  promptly informed before the trip(two weeks earlier) or  you were given the possibility of an alternative transportation to your destination 1 to 2 weeks prior to your trip, with a difference of less than 2 hours from the scheduled flight ,or, in case you were informed less than a week before your trip but your flight departed less than 1 hour earlier/later compared to your original flight.
  • To stay in a hotel with paid meals and refreshments if there is a mandatory overnight stay.

If the flight is delayed longer:

  • than 2 hours for all flights up to 1,500 km
  • than 3 hours for flights within the EU of more than 1500 km and up to 3,500 km for all destinations
  • than 4 hours for all other flights

then you have the right:

  • To stay at a hotel (overnight stay) with paid transfers from and to the airport as well as  paid meals and refreshments.

If your luggage is lost or damaged on a plane trip you are entitled to:

  • A compensation of 36,38 € per kilo for trips abroad and 11,73 € per kilo for domestic flights, depending on the weight of your luggage, which is noted on special paper affixed to the ticket.
  • If the contents of your luggage have a great value it is better and safer to register them before you travel, so that in case of loss or damage you can be compensated accordingly.

If you  have an accident  during the flight you are entitled to:

  • A full compensation from the airline, no matter the place, where the accident occurred.
  • Advances of funds (within 15 days – not below of 20,000 € per passenger in the event of death) in order to cover any costs that may arise.
  • If the damage was caused entirely or in part by  negligence of the passenger, the airline may limit or not accept any   liability.
Source: Hellenic Association Of Consumers


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