How much do "cheap airline tickets" really cost?

We are often tempted to buy a cheap airline ticket, from a "low cost" airline, considering that we have made the best choice for our pocket. Later, however, we face unexpected surprises!

Have you ever consider about what's hidding in a cheap ticket? Here we reveal all the hidden charges which can raise the budget so that often exceed in cost the most expensive ticket!

Suppose that you have just spotted online a cheap air ticket and you are ready to buy it... 
Read 10 key reasons that can make you pay realy expensive!

1.  In case you want to pay by credit card rather than your debit card you 'll pay 3€ extra.

2.  Do you wish to receive a text message on your cell phone to confirm your booking? This will cost you 2€ extra.

3.  If you want to choose your seat, the cost is increased by 15€.

4.  You want to board in priority? Then you charged with 14€ more.

5.  We do not have good news if you are traveling with lots of luggage. Your ticket allows only one handbag. In case you need to take your extra luggage, you need to pay additional 40€, for traveling within Europe!

6.  If you are one of the lucky ones who goes on holiday to enjoy their favorite sports and you need special equipment (eg golf, tennis, skiing, skateboarding), you won't probably feel very lucky when you'll find out that you have to spend 100€ more at your expense, for transportation. Even the ski boots will cost you an extra 100€ to get them with you!

7.  100€ if you want your guitars company

8.  Do you travell with your baby and you need to get the special seat for the car? That will cost you 10€ more.

9.  For some forgetful passengers that make the mistake not printing their ticket, 100€ extra charge in airport's check-in just for the printout.

Don't think that we have done. Costs take off with you!

10.  You'll regret even thinking to ask for some water. We inform you that the small bottle will cost you 3€. Don't even think about asking for a meal.

You should therefore be very careful with the cheap tickets and not intimidated by the advertising messages and "offers", but always read all the instructions.

So always keep informed about the ticket you want to buy and the airline you'll finally choose. If you don't want to search for yourself, a specialized travel agency will do it for you, giving you the best price and offering security to any problems that may arise!

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