Flight bookings FAQ

Συχνές ερωτήσεις για τη κράτηση αεροπορικού εισιτηρίου
Information for booking and issuing airline tickets

1. How can I choose flights and for which destinations?

Enter your choice in the search engine for a one-way ticket or a return ticket  and wait for the results.
You can select any destination worldwide.
There is the possibility to see flight information and buy airline tickets with most airlines in the world.

2. How many passengers are allowed per reservation and of which age groups?

In the same booking you can  purchase tickets for up to 8 people.
The age categories of passengers are:
-Passengers over 12 years old are adults.
-Passengers 2-12 years old children and have a place on the plane.
-Passengers 0-2 years are infants and can travel without a seat.

Many flights do not have discounts and special rates for infants and children.
In these cases, the prices are the same as with adults.

3. What is the option +/-3 days?

Selecting this option will show the cheapest options for a period of 7 days from the date of departure.

4. How do I know that my reservation is valid?

After the end of the booking process you will receive an e-mail with all the information and the details of your reservation.
This e-mail contains the reservation code and the number of your electronic ticket.
If after 30 minutes from the time that you have completed the booking you do not receive an  e-mail, don't worry call us on the phone , give us your name and we will find your booking and resend the e-mail.

5. Do I have to confirm the departure time of my flight?

It would be good to confirm the departure time, one day before your trip, by contacting our office or the airline at the airport.
When the airline informs our Office's reservation system,
we immediately send you notification by e-mail.

6. Can I buy a ticket for someone else  with my card?

You can. Just  send us an e-mail at sales@airchampion24.com or a  fax at + 30 210-5235032 with a copy of your credit card, copy of the card holder's passport or ID number and a text that allows our Office to charge  the ticket price on the card.

7. Can I cancel or change the ticket that I bought?

Before you buy a plane ticket it is advisable to read carefully the terms.
There are flights that do not change and cannot be cancelled.
When the purchased ticket fare allows change or cancellation, please contact our office by phone or  send us an e-mail by filling in the relative form.
Our Office charges 10 euros for each change or cancellation you make, in addition to the airline fees.
In special cases (health issues), we always try not to lose the money you paid.
In case of a cancellation we return your money in  the same way that you pad (credit card, bank account,cash).

8. can become a name change on a ticket?

The flights are not inherited. After issuing the ticket can not be no name change.
The time that you book the buy plane ticket, you must correctly enter the names of the people who travel.

9. How do I get my ticket and what should I do if I lose it?

Your ticket is your e-mail and sent by e-mail. At the airport you only need your travel document (a Passport identity) and you can go straight to the check-in of the airline.
If youlose the email you or you haven't  printed your ticket, please contact us by telephone and we will send it to you again.

10.Can someone else use  my e-ticket?

Electronic air tickets have a unique number for each passenger; it is impossible to use the same ticket for another passenger.

11. Can I get an invoice for my ticket?

Yes you can request an invoice when you fill in the passenger details.
The invoice will be sent electronically by e-mail.

12. How long in advance do I have to be at the airport, what documents should I have with me and what is the baggage allowance for my ticket?

You must be at the airport 2 hours before the departure of the flight if you are travelling abroad and 1 hour before the departure of the flightfor domestic flights.
If you are travelling within the European Union you will need your ID indicating your name in Latin characters.
If you are travelling outside the European Union you need a passport, an entry permit (Visa), and perhaps  a return ticket as well.
In the paragraph check my trip youcan  find all this information.
With the end of the reservation you will receive an email with the details of your trip
as well as your baggage allowance. 

Airlines usually allow for  1 hand luggage up to 7kgs and one luggage up to 20 kgs.

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