Ferry tickets

Συχνές ερωτήσεις για τη κράτηση ακτοπλοικού εισιτηρίου

General information about the issue of ferry tickets

1.Do I need a travel document (identity) to board the ship?

Usually the port authorities do not control the personal documents of passengers.
However, it would be good to carry your identity with you.

2. Can I buy my ticket at the entrance of the ship?

When entering the ship you must already have a ticket.
You are not allowed to board the ship without a ticket.

3. Are there any electronic tickets?

No there are not.All ferry tickets are printed currenty.

4. There is a mistake in my name on or the on my vehicle plates.
Will I encounter any problems when boarding the ship?

The Port authorities that control the tickets upon boarding, do not create any
issues in this case.
What interests them is the date and time listed in

5. What are the age groups of passengers?

Most shipping companies have their own regulations for
ticket fares.
-Adults are all passengers over 10 years.
-Children are all passengers 5-10 years.
-All passengers are considered Infants if they are less than 5 years old.

6. Are there any discounts for infants and children?

Most shipping companies provide 100% discount in infants and
50% discount for children.
All passengers, including infants who do not pay must have a

7. What are the steps for booking ferry tickets?

1st step 

Select route.
Select the type of the ticket ( simple or return) and then select
the port of departure, the port of arrival, number of passengers and vehicles.
If you are traveling with infants and children include them in the total number of passengers, even if they don't pay.
Then select dates and itinerary.

2nd step

Choosing your seats.
Select the gender and age category of passengers (adults-infants-kids) and the category of position. If you have a vehicle, choose the category of
vehicle and write the registration number.

3rd step

Reservation and  pricing.
At this point you can see the costs for everything separately and the total

4th step

Fill in the surname and the first letter of the first name of each passenger as well as the nationality when prompted.

5th step

Contact details.
Carefully fill in all the fields and choose the way of receiving your tickets. Tap the icon on the "book now" button and fill in your credit card information. We only accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

6th step

Completion of the reservation.
After the successful completion of your booking, you will  receive a page with all
the details of the reservation, the reservation number and the total amount charged to your card.
Your ferry tickets are ready and you will receive them either from our Office, or they will be sent by courier to the address you have indicated (for an extra charge).

8. When do you charge my card?

Your credit card is automatically charged upon reservation.

9. When should I be at the port?

You must be at the port at least one hour before departure.

10. How do I know that my reservation was completed correctly?

With the completion of a successful reservation, you will receive an  e-mail confirmation with a reservation code, the details of the service and the total cost.
In case you do not receive this email please contact our Office.

11. How many passengers and how many cars fit in one booking?

Up to 9 passengers and 2 vehicles in each booking.

12. Do I have to confirm the departure time of the ship?

It would be good to do so one day before your departure.
Lately many shipping companies  inform their passengers directly about time changes, strikes, prohibitive departures due to bad weather, by sending SMS to their mobile phone which you should have indicated in your reservation

13. How do I cancel my ferry tickets?

To cancel your ferry tickets, you must first contact our Office.
Always follow the cancellation policy of each shipping company as in order to get your money back they must receive the printed tickets you have purchased.

14. Can I change my travel dates?

You always have the ability to change your ferry tickets, provided this is done before the departure date and time indicated on the tickets.
The change is only allowed if you are  travelling with the same ferry company.
In case of a change you should bring the tickets to our Office, or if you are outside Athens head to the local offices of the shipping company.

15. Can I make my tickets open, rather than cancel?

Of course you can do it as long as it is in accordance with the regulations of the company. To make off your tickets open , you need to visit our Office with the tickets or if you are outside Athens to head directly to the local offices of the shipping company.

16. Can I upgrade my tickets to an upper class seat or a cabin?

Yes, by paying the price difference. This can be done at the reception of the ship after the departure as well.

17. If I lose my ticket, what can I do?

In case you lose your ferry ticket, you must issue a new one. You can inform the company on the loss of your ticket by sending them a letter and if by the end of that year it has not been used by someone else, then the ferry company will the money.

18. In case you miss the boat, what can you do?

In this case the regulation says that you've lost the ticket,too.
Always contact our Office, to strive for something better.

19. In case of cancellation,how do I get a refund?

In case of cancellation of operation by the naval company, you get the whole amount of the price of the ticket. To do this  you can either come to our Office with your ticket, or obtain the refund through the naval company.

20. Can I receive my ticket at the port?

Yes,from the booking office of the shipping company or the agent who represents the company in the  port.

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