The best ski centers in Greece


The ski center of Seli is the first organized in Greece. It is located at an altitude from 1534 to 1900 m, on the mountain Bermio of Imathia. It began its operation in 1934 as an organized center, the year of the first National skiing Games. Today it includes 11 modern lifts that lead to 17 recognized ski descent of all colors (levels of difficulty) and two road endurance runs (langlauf) with possibility of international matches. It is 20 km from Naoussa, 24 from Veria and 95 from Thessaloniki and the access is now very easy via the Egnatia road. Feature attraction of the center is the chalet with the angular roof, which offers a range of amenities for the relaxation of aspiring skiers.

3-5 Wells

The ski center "3-5 Wells" is located on the west side of the mountain Bermio in an altitude from 1430 to 2005 m. It is 17 km from the town of Naoussa, 107 from Thessaloniki and the paved road is always open during the winter season, even in the toughest conditions. It is a modern ski resort with slopes for every level of difficulty with the most famous track Paradise (2,600 m.), the track Aristotle (1,800 m. Medium difficulty) and Philip track (2000m. Difficult). Besides skiing, the ski resort's facilities offer a variety of other activities such as hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, etc. It is established as the center of preparation for many sports clubs, and the national Greek  team.


On Parnassos, one of the highest mountains of Greece, with spectacular geomorphology you can find the largest ski center in Greece, which receives the most visitors. It consists two areas, Cellars and Fterolakka linked together with both aerial lift and ski slopes. The facility consists of 23 tracks total length of 27 km, 7 aerial and 6 sliding lifts. It is approximately 180 km from Athens and 30 from the very popular, scenic, winter destination Arachova. Access is easy enough even the most difficult days, thanks to several snow machines that never leave the road closed.


42 km northwest of the city of Grevena, in the heart of Pindos is located the National Ski center of Vassilitsa. It opened its doors in 1975 and two of its advantages are that the snow lasts from November until spring, and that it has a wide variety of slopes. Two of these have been designated Olympic standards, the "Jupiter" 1000 m. length and 289 m altitude difference and the "Timfea",  760 m. length and 254 m altitude difference.


Mount Kaimaktsalan (also known as Borras) is the third largest mountain in Greece. The Kaimaktsalan Ski Center is located 45 km from the city of Edessa in the southeastern side of the mountain at an altitude of 2050-2480 meters. It features thirteen tracks of various difficulty levels, which are served by four different lifts and every year thousands of skiers visiting its modern facilities.



Elatohori Ski Center is located in the northeast side of Pieria mountain, at an altitude of 1450m, while its facilities, are 36 km. from the town of Katerini. Very popular destination in recent years for winter sports enthusiasts both for its excellent infrastructure, and the wonderful nature that surrounds it.  Ski Centre Facilities include 10 runs with varying height difference and with different levels of difficulty to satisfy both the experienced and beginners skiers. The total length of the tracks exceed 12 km. At the bottom of the ski center there is a new two-storey chalet, which stands out for its modern aesthetic. Of course, there are shops selling and renting ski equipment and also a ski school.


In Metsovo there are three ski resorts: the "Politses", "Karakoli" and the newest of all "Zygos". Politsies, in the Prophet Elijah area, have some easy tracks, chalet, ski schools and rental shops. Certainly it is the best ski center for someone who wants to learn skiing. In Karakoli there is a seat lift that leads to two runs though poor snow makes the function less and less permissible. Zygos in Anilio is at a higher altitude of the three (1680-1850m). It has an air-seater chairlift 700 meters long with three runs, two towed, 2 baby lifts and also an endurance 10 km track. The distances from Metsovo are short which means that your visit to ski centers more often is followed by a layover in this beautiful, traditional village of Epirus.

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