Amazing European destinations for unique Christmas!


A town, a museum. Unique exhibits and sights but also incredible options for your enjoyment. Visit Plaza Mayor where the biggest market is located, but do not stay there for long as you can find Christmas markets in almost every square. Note the January 6th which is celebrated as the Day “Three”. It is really as great, if not greater than Christmas, for all children, as this is the day they open most of their gifts! On the same day also takes place a parade through the streets of Madrid from children with the three kings at the head throughout the entire city.


Some characterize this really aristocratical city as "Paris of Eastern Europe". The magnificent Danube bisects it in Buda and Pest, the more classic and more modern side respectively, both equally beautiful and romantic. Every Christmas the streets follow the waltz rhythms of music which you will meet everywhere, are flooded with scents of traditional sweets and colored by the Christmas markets.


Admire the Great Square (Grand Place), one of the most beautiful squares in the world, with buildings of excellent architecture, which impress with their baroque facades, gables and ornate statues. In another square, the Sainte Catherine, is located the Christmas market of Brussels. There is concentrated the Christmas atmosphere of the city, there you can taste mushrooms, snails, chocolates and of course, plenty of Belgian beer.


The capital of Portugal or "Princess of the Ocean", as it is characterized, also puts its festive every year welcoming visitors from all around the world. Its most historic part is built on seven hills, at the mouth of the largest river of the Iberian, the Tagus. There you will walk through the narrow, picturesque streets, between houses with tiled roofs and discover unique picturesque squares with marvelous Christmas markets.


Barcelona is a unique city, a city alive with fiery temperament and strong cultural tradition. At Christmas in Barcelona, visitors will quickly feel the tension and pulse which characterize it, culminating in the January 4th when the three wise men arrive at the port of Barcelona, midst gunfire, fireworks and other stunning effects and then they parade throughout the city along with elephants, camels and giraffes, composing a unique setting for children and grown-ups.


It is considered to be one of the most important centers of international economic life, but it is also a unique Christmas destination which full of sparkle and color welcomes every year hundreds of visitors. There the local Santa Claus (Kleeschen as he is called), a little hasty appears towards the end of November in various locations of the cities, in squares and streets to celebrate on December 6th offering gifts to nice children. In the whole country’s markets is offered mulled wine with spices and traditional dishes such as Stollen, a cake with fruit and rum, and Buche de Noel, a sweet between cake and ice cream covered with dark chocolate, to resemble a trunk.

Unique destinations