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Zakynthos is linked with Athens via flights of Olympic Air. The duration of the flight is 1 hour. During summer months Zakynthos is linked to the majority of European airports via charter flights.
Indicatively there are flights from Dubai, London, Paris, New York, Kiev, Moscow, Barcelona, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Dublin and Amsterdam. From April to November from the airport there are direct flights to foreign countries.

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The Dionysios Solomos Zakynthos is found to the Ampelokipoi district 3 km from the city. The transport from the airport is realized only by taxi.

The operation of the Zakynthos airport began in 1972. At the beginning the passengers (only from domestic flights), were covered via a small building used as the passengers terminal. In June 1981 finished the construction of the new passengers’ terminal and the airport became International serving flights to foreign countries. The first such flight realized was that of the Air DANAIR company with a Boeing V737-200 aircraft.  On 2008 a new airport was opened to replace the smaller older one, which was struggling to accommodate the increased arrivals and departures. The airport has been significantly improved due to the increase of the arrivals and departures space, making the whole process much faster and effective. The airport's telephone is 26950-28611. 

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