Cheap flights to Ikaria-JIK
 To the Ikaria airport reach daily regular flights of Olympic Air from Athens. The duration of the flight is 50 minutes.  During summer months there also international charter flights.
 Airline tickets to Ikaria
 With AirChampion24.com you could book the cheapest tickets to Ikaria fast and easy. All flights to Ikaria are appearing according to the availability of positions in each flight. You could buy your airline tickets by AirChampion24.com with few and simple steps or you can call us via phone. After completing the booking of your airline ticket you receive an email or sms with
the number of the e-ticket and the information of your flight At the airport you need only your traveling document and the e-ticket number to do your check in and board your flight.

The Ikaria airport is found to the southeast edge of the island, to the Drakano cape and to the southeast of Agios Kirikos. It is found 12 km from the city of Agios Kirikos. The transport is done with KTEL buses.  You can also rent a car from AirChampion24.com and to receive it with your arrival to Ikaria.

The Ikaria airport has an open parking. The parking is found in front of the airport and parking is allowed only for a short time.  It also has weather forecast facilities.  The airport's telephone is 22750-32216.
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