To the airport of Corfu arrive daily regular flights of Olympic Air  and Aegean Airlines from Athens. The duration of the flight is 1 hour. Also there are daily landings by Astra Airlines from Salonika. The Corfu airport is one of the most visited, with great increase of its traffic between April and October. During this period many charter flights arrive from many European  destinations such as Rome, Paris, Milan, London, Moscow, Dublin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Munich.

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The National Corfu Airport «Ioannis Kapodistrias» took its name by the first governor of Greece Ioannis Kapodistrias, who was born on the island. It is 3 kilometers away from the center of the city. It operates since 1949.

The access to the Corfu airport is very easy and the signs from the city of Corfu very detailed, so you can access the airport by renting a car. From the city of Corfu start many buses heading to the airport. If you wish to travel from the airport to Corfu, you could take the bus next to the arrivals building, heading to the Theotoki square to the center of the city.  You can also get a taxi outside the airport building which transports passengers to every point of the island. The average fare for the city of Corfu is about 10€.


The Corfu airport offers high quality services of a modern airport. To the airport operate services for the reception and safekeeping of luggage, parking, banks and currency exchange, cafe and restaurants,

duty free shops, medical center, pharmacy, post office, police, VIP lounge.
 The airport's telephone is 26610-89600.

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